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Feb 01, 2018   BY: Snehal More 

Art has the power to grab ones attention whether it is a craft work or a drawing or a sculpture or a painting on a wall. As long as it is attractive or conveys the right message, it will inspire people. One of such art form is Street Wall Painting. See few of the street wall paintings summed up by us here.

Jan 20, 2018   BY: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh  

Real-life events that transpire into movies are always one of the best visual treats. Read about some of the real-life event movies here which are amazing gems.

Jan 05, 2018   BY: Snehal More 

The paper cutting artwork is one of the unique forms of art. It is the art of turning a single sheet of paper into beautiful designs which can leave anyone stunned. Let's have a glimpse of few of paper cutting artwork.

Dec 20, 2017   BY: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Gulzar Sahab needs no introduction as he has influenced millions of hearts over decades with his lyrics. His words about life, love, heartbreak and many more things hold peerless thoughts that illustrate every emotion. Let's have a look towards few mesmerizing lyrics penned by him.

Dec 08, 2017   BY: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Bollywood movies are the perfect package of entertainment. Most important is it’s dialogue baazi which have marked its presence in every era. Here are some of the Bollywood dialogues which are famous and the movie itself is remembered because of them.

Dec 04, 2017   BY: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Disney has portrayed lively characters over the years and has offered us profound wisdom in the most subtle ways. Stay motivated, inspired, encouraged by the quotes sum up here.

Nov 29, 2017   BY: Snehal More 

Opera is a searing experience which let us explore the emotional undercurrents of the story. It has the power to incline people to higher aspiration or more profound self-knowledge. Here are some of the famous Opera players.


Nov 20, 2017   BY: Preksha Goyal 

Dubbing is the method of putting original dialogue or other sounds to the soundtrack of a motion picture that has previously been shot. Dubbing Artists, also popular as voice-over Artists have never received the due recognition in India. So here we bring for you a list of the most prominent dubbing artists of India.

Nov 17, 2017   BY: Snehal More 

The drummer is one behind the beats, cymbals, high-hats or other percussion instruments and creates the magic of music. Here are the drummers of India who have experienced different musical and drumming situations.

Nov 10, 2017   BY: Snehal More 

Rapping is a famous genre across the globe and it's all about delivering rhythmic words. It is the primary element of hip-hop booming among the youth of India with Desi tadka. Here are the best Indian rappers who have set a new inclination for rapping in India.

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