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Often in life we become stingy when it comes to working hard only due to the fear of failure and disappointments. Let us be courageous enough to stand for what we believe in and not let our passion die due to that fear.

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Indian film industry has been gifted with many marvelous on-screen performers. But the waves of life always have low and high both sorts of tides. Sorrow was shared by the whole nation when the news flashed demise of few legendary actors every now and then. Surely the Bollywood won’t be what it was without them, but the lesson of the screen is that the show must go on.

Here we remember extraordinary contribution from such high rated actors over the time which the Indian film industry surely going to miss.

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We have seen many dancers on screen, but the dance floor is ruled by few among them. Indian movie industry is blessed with few top dancers. Dancing is an art which conquers your whole body and to acquire expertise you need to feel the music behind it. Let us give a look on top dancers in India.

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Is everything about being skinny? The plus size models are breaking the rules certainly. The profiles of such models in today's fashion industry are certainly on the rise. And they are not only coming but also making impressive and effective foot in. They are firm in confidence and sure about their body. Let us know who are the top plus size models in India.

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In India, every region has its own traditional form of art that comprises illustrations, paintings, embroideries, carvings, saris and more. Read with us about the most beautiful traditional Indian Art forms.

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Cartoonists are gifted with a talent to depict any situation with a flare of humour and sense of laughter in it. Cartoonists seemed to be on pro level when it gets down to bringing smiles on faces of the readers, be it even while depicting the tragic situations. India has been gifted with many such talented folks and they have been loved and adored by people for several decades.

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A portfolio is your chance to showcase your talent and by adding multiple projects you can unveil your potential in front of seekers more effectively. But are you wondering how to actually create a decent and more efficient portfolio to get an edge? 
The procedure is completely simple. Read in the blog, the elaborated steps to create an attractive portfolio.

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Facing trouble with varied steps on Artistize portal for completion of profile?
Follow these easy steps and complete your profile within minutes!

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“How do I protect my artwork from being copied from my website?”
If you post your artworks online, I bet you’ve wondered this question yourself.
This blog will talk about different methods you can apply to your online presences to help prevent possible theft of your work.

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There’s pleasure in doing what you love. You get to explore your own strengths and weaknesses and the satisfaction received thereafter is boundless. Being an Artist is a rewarding experience when it comes to personal contentment. Check out why it is great being an Artist!