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Jul 04, 2018   By: Artistize 

Swaraag is a Folk-rock & Sufi Fusion Band. The band tries to experiment with fusion music to spin the term "Folk". Swaraag has a passion to introduce not only Rajasthani Folk music, but also various other folk music forms from the state to a multicultural environment that appeals to varied musical tastes.

Jun 30, 2018   By: Preksha Goyal 

Indian cinema is majorly about entertainment. On the other hand, theatres in India have experimented with and adapted various versatile genres. Be it regional or national, Indian theatre industry has come a long way. So check out some of the plays you should surely consider watching if you like theatre even a bit.

Jun 18, 2018   By: Preksha Goyal 

There is nothing more fascinating than watching a couple swirl through the dance floor effortlessly, beautifully and gracefully. Ballroom Dance is one such art form that captivates every viewer and throughout years there have been several dancers who have achieved expertise in this Art form. Here are some of the most famous among them!

Jun 11, 2018   By: Preksha Goyal 

Indian film industry has given us a variety of movies. Every year Bollywood offers us something diverse and extraordinary to look up to. So check out what Bollywood has in store for us this year.

Feb 01, 2018   By: Snehal More 

Art has the power to grab ones attention whether it is a craft work or a drawing or a sculpture or a painting on a wall. As long as it is attractive or conveys the right message, it will inspire people. One of such art form is Street Wall Painting. See few of the street wall paintings summed up by us here.

Jan 20, 2018   By: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh  

Real-life events that transpire into movies are always one of the best visual treats. Read about some of the real-life event movies here which are amazing gems.

Jan 05, 2018   By: Snehal More 

The paper cutting artwork is one of the unique forms of art. It is the art of turning a single sheet of paper into beautiful designs which can leave anyone stunned. Let's have a glimpse of few of paper cutting artwork.

Dec 20, 2017   By: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Gulzar Sahab needs no introduction as he has influenced millions of hearts over decades with his lyrics. His words about life, love, heartbreak and many more things hold peerless thoughts that illustrate every emotion. Let's have a look towards few mesmerizing lyrics penned by him.

Dec 08, 2017   By: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Bollywood movies are the perfect package of entertainment. Most important is it’s dialogue baazi which have marked its presence in every era. Here are some of the Bollywood dialogues which are famous and the movie itself is remembered because of them.

Dec 04, 2017   By: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Disney has portrayed lively characters over the years and has offered us profound wisdom in the most subtle ways. Stay motivated, inspired, encouraged by the quotes sum up here.

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