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Dubbing is the method of putting original dialogue or other sounds to the soundtrack of a motion picture that has previously been shot. Dubbing Artists, also popular as voice-over Artists have never received the due recognition in India. So here we bring for you a list of the most prominent dubbing artists of India.

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The drummer is one behind the beats, cymbals, high-hats or other percussion instruments and creates the magic of music. Here are the drummers of India who have experienced different musical and drumming situations.

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Rapping is a famous genre across the globe and it's all about delivering rhythmic words. It is the primary element of hip-hop booming among the youth of India with Desi tadka. Here are the best Indian rappers who have set a new inclination for rapping in India.

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Time to win exciting rewards!!! Artistize is delighted to welcome all of you for "GLOBAL TALENT SHOWCASE CONTEST". Come and participate to win $75 (Rs 6000) worth promotional services.

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The festive season has already begun and with some prominent festivals around the corner, it’s time to give your house a fresh and artistic look using these fun and easy ideas!

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People of India love to eat. We have diverse eating habits and tastes in the country. But it takes a lot more than a sense of classical tastes to maintain a position in the Global Culinary Industry. Here are some of the best chefs India has in store.

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Poetry is a form of literature that uses bare minimum words to create a long lasting impact. Poets are inspiring, creative and believe in the power of words. Get to know about World’s most celebrated poets whose works will give you lot of inspiration and direction.

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Photography is an art that captures moments and helps store memories forever. The world is blessed with many photographers who possess enormous imagination and creative skills. Listed here are the most prominent ones.

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Dance is a means of expression as well as entertainment. There are numerous dancers across the world but a few gifted ones excel this art form. Get to know with Artistize about the most eminent Dancers from across the globe.

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Stylists have changed the way people across the world dress and carry themselves. People are now more cautious about how they look and try adopting the latest fashion trends. Some designers, with their incredible talents, have transformed the Fashion Industry and have set a benchmark for the aspiring designers. Here is a list of the most popular, successful and gifted Fashion Designers from across the world.

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