Dec 04, 2017   BY: Snehal More & Poster Courtesy by Avinash Singh 

Disney cartoons are the all-time favorite among every generation. They have not only entertained us but have captured our imaginations, our life and powerfully impacted us positively. Each character from Disney cartoon is the paragon of inspiration for us in all aspects of life. Here we have rounded up five inspirational quotes from Disney characters to boost you up:

1) Rapunzel from the movie Tangled, is the brave girl who pushed her limits and stood out of her comfort zone to live her dream.

2) Rafiki is all time best supporting character among Disney movies. He is witty as well as wise and has always guided Simba with his knowledge.

3) Anton Ego from movie Ratatoullie is a vicious food critic. But after seeing a rat cooking in a restaurant he realized that it's not important what the background one possesses, it’s all about potential one has.

4) Elastigirl is recognized as best superhero mom. She is the strength of her family. Her priority was always to assure that her children use their superpowers wisely.

5) Merida from movie BRAVE is Disney’s best princess. She is courageous, adventurous and is determined to create her own destiny.


These are the quotes which will always help you to rise up in life. No matter how tough life is on you, this is just a start. Never lose focus, never give up and keep going. Always remember there’s no easy way out, the struggle is the need of the hour. The fight is with oneself to prove that you can do it. Get inspired and be an inspiration to others.


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