5 Tips to help you build a great Modelling Portfolio
Aug 29, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal 

As a model, portfolio is something that can make or break your career in the professional world. It is the most significant thing that will help you sell yourself as a model which is why it becomes all the more important to have every aspect of your portfolio in place. So, we have for you a step-by-step guide on how you can create a remarkable portfolio for yourself.

1. Know what type of model you aspire to be and target accordingly

Not stereotyping, but the modelling industry has set certain standards for every type of model. You need to have a certain kind of figure and face to fulfil different requirements which is why you should be clear on what type of projects you wish to work for. Be it fashion, lifestyle or commercial, images in your portfolio should target the right market you want to eventually be approached for. For instance, if you wish to work as a fitness model, make sure you include pictures through which the casting professionals are convinced that you have the perfect figure. Make an informed decision by focusing on your strong points and weaknesses so that the path you choose suits you best. You can try breaking stereotypes but be a little realistic and target the right market.

2. Don’t stick to one photographer

If you choose one photographer for all your pictures, your pictures might look very monotonous and of similar kind. The photographer you choose might also not be able to reflect your personality appropraitely. So, experiment with different photographers as each one will teach you something different which will be very helpful for you in the professional career ahead. Do your research, ask colleagues and spend good amount of time in shortlisting the photographers who specialize in the field you want to target. 

3. Show your versatility

Your pictures should reflect that you can work on various different types of projects and in diverse settings. So, include different pictures, in various moods, postures and costumes. Show your capability of adjusting in different looks and situations. Great models are those who experiment with their looks. So, try different make-ups, themes, locations and costumes. Make sure you get enough number of portraits, full-body shots and headshots as well.

4. Work with professionals- from hair and make-up artist to photographer

If you think you can ask your friends to click your pictures and do your make-up, then you are wrong. Professionals add a lot of value to your images. When you work professionally, you will have to adjust working with unknown people and your own portfolio shoot should be the start to it. Professionals know exactly what will suit you and eventually sell in the market. So, hire experienced professionals if you don’t want to ruin your portfolio.

5. Create a professional Modelling Book

Once you are done with the photoshoot and have enough images, select around 6-15 photographs to be put in your professional portfolio. Have less but quality images that will help you sell your personality appropriately. Going by the standards, your portfolio should be of 8” x 10” size with some of your best images. In the contemporary scenario, it is also preferred that you have an online portfolio as it comes in handy when casting professionals ask you to send your pictures. Your portfolio in every sense should reflect you and your goals in the modelling profession.

Remember that your modelling portfolio images are the most important pictures you will ever take. So make sure they are good enough to kickstart your career!


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