A Brief History Of Colour
Feb 20, 2017   BY: Artistize 
We have been bestowed with a special gift, gift of vision. We have been so evolved to view the beautiful world around us, its beautiful array of landscapes and multitudes of colours. These colours make up the beauty around us. The paintings and art dictate the beauty of colours in a way that is almost divine. But even the colours have a long history; today we have every tangible colour we see around us from sepia blue to scarlet red but in earlier times colour were made using the natural products and hence the colour palette was a small one.

Since the time humans developed tools they have been using paintings and artistic depictions as a way to express emotions. The most ancient paintings are the cave paintings which were simple scribbling on the cave walls using sharp rocks. But as humans became more intelligent their knowledge of colours also increased. Soon cavemen started using natural dyes made from blood, fruit pulps and flowers to adorn their monumental art work. With increasing sophistication, the paintings and art became more chic, with artists creating life-like portraits and scenic sketches with charcoal pencils and natural dyes. Red and related dyes have been in use as old as 5000 years but blue and related colours came into existence just 1000 or so years earlier as they were difficult to produce. But with advent of alchemy, blue dyes were produced to meet the increasing demands of the artists. 

Today, every colour perceptible to human eye might be of organic or chemical origin is available in market. Not just these, special night-glowing colours, glitters and many more special variants of the good old fashioned colours are continually increasing the artistic horizons.

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