Based on your Zodiac Sign, this is the type of Artist you are!
Jul 21, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal, Designs by- Avinash Singh 

I am sure you must have heard from your friends or co-workers phrases like “That’s such a Taurus thing to say” or “A true Aquarian”. How much ever we argue that zodiac signs are too general to describe different types of people, yet these signs have become a part of our daily conversations and have been related time and again with certain kinds of personalities. So you might be any kind of Artist- painter, singer, dancer, magician, comedian, musician or any other Art professional on this planet, yet you can be described with a specific persona type based on your zodiac sign!

1. Aries- The Over enthusiast

Aries are full of ideas- they are always up for new things. They are constantly looking for something to do, something to create. They are so full of vigour that people around them get annoyed- “Relax Dude! Give us a break.”

2. Taurus- Stubborn Soul

Taureans are famous for being stubborn and dominating. They think what they do is the best way to do things and won’t listen to your ideas or suggestions ever. “My Art is my Art, none of your Art!”

3. Gemini- Take it easy baby!

Geminis- the chilled out ones! Have an event or deadline tomorrow? Dekh lenge yaar! They are never tensed even if they know “Aal izz NOT well”. They are practically the Amir Khans of 3 idiots- “Itna darega toh jiyega kaise!”

4. Cancer- The Depressed Soul

Cancerians are so depressed that their art is a reflection of their blues. You will see that their art will have a hidden meaning (which probably only they will understand) as if all the world’s problems are on their naazuk kandhe! They are sad and unsatisfied most of the time and will find something negative in even the good things happening around them. 

5. Leo- Why so serious?

Leos are the all-time serious people. They are those people who are passionately dedicated towards their work (excessively, of course) and would kill anyone who would disturb them. Jokes during work irritate them and they take everything very sincerely.

6. Virgo- High on drama

Not necessarily dramatists professionally, Virgos are high on drama in real life. There will always be a pinch of drama in their craft and in their lives as well. They live on filmy dialogues and there’s always nautanki on their mind!

7. Libra- The Hopeless Romantic

These are the ones who do most of their work for “the love of their lives”. All of their love is evident in their work. They write songs for their love, dedicate their performances to that person and write stories about their love and romance. It sometimes reaches the intolerable level!

8. Scorpio- Life is a Race and I want to Win!

Scorpions are the competitive ones. They keep an eye on what the other artists are doing and always want to do better than them or compare their work with them. They feel the need to be number one always and would hate losing their fans to competitors.

9. Sagittarius- Show me the Money

People with their zodiac sign as Sagittarius are the money-minded souls. They would rarely do anything for charity and money matters to them the most. They feel that their art is invaluable and would obviously hate anyone who would devalue their work. They work for the money and their work is dependent on the pay cheque they are receiving. “Itna paisa leke jaaenge kahan!”

10. Capricorn- Keep It Real!

Capricorns believe in being realistic and want their work to be relatable. They are the practical thinkers. All the imaginary, fantasy world related stuff is beyond their understanding. They want people around them to face reality and come out of the dreamy world. 

11. Aquarius- The show-off

Aquarian Artists are the proud people. They are ever so satisfied with their skills and art, that they feel great about what they do. Their all-time attitude is- “Is my talent too much for you to handle”?

12. Pisces- In the Fantasy World

Most of the times these people are in their own dream world. They imagine a lot- mostly about their success, amazing performances and huge fan following. Their over-imaginative thinking sometimes also reflects in their work- it becomes too deep for normal people to understand. They have their own metaphors and personifications and their work is so not relatable!

Your personality might be the total opposite of what’s mentioned here, but that’s what your stars say! So tell us what’s yours?


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