DIY Ideas to Make this Festive Season a Creative one!
Oct 05, 2017   BY: Preksha Goyal 

This month marks the beginning of some of the major festivals across the world. While you get busy with all the festival preparations, we have brought for you some easy and fun ways to give your home a very creative and appealing look.

1. Welcome with Cheer

Festivals welcome numerous guests at your home and you surely want to give the first impression right. So decorate your front door using easy materials like a simple flower hanging in an umbrella, creative chalkboards, or some quirky wood cut outs.

2. Light it Innovatively

Festivals brighten up our lives and our homes too with liveliness and cheer. Use different lights to brighten up your home this season. Lanterns look great and exotic too. These are also easy to make. Customize them using bright colours and different shapes and colours to light up your home innovatively. You can also go for some paper cup lamps or seashell lights to give an interesting look. Candles too look amazing during festivals. You can decorate these candles using colourful beads, ribbons or wax paper and even put them inside fancy cases for an interesting look.

3. Use pleasant Potpourri

Adding potpourri to your home will create a pleasing scent environment and at the same time look visually alluring. You can prepare these at home and put them in a glass bowl or other decorative bowls; which is the easiest way to use them. Use different colours that match your house interiors and a pleasing scent to make the atmosphere enthralling.

4. Take a step forward with presentable Gifts and Food

Festivals bring with them lots of food and gifts. You can take your decorations a step further by decorating gifts and the food in a more presentable manner. You can wrap up your gifts using innovative wrapping papers or simple papers and fabrics but add to them your creativity like including gift toppers, interesting tags or simply adding different ornaments over the wrapper. Additionally, you can make the food look more delicious by using festive crockery, or simply using the numerous tips available on the internet to make even the simplest dish look fascinating.

5. Decorate the Walls

Give your walls an Artistic flair using creative homemade wall hangings. You can try different wall Arts too like the washi tape wall art as these are easy and look very intriguing. You can also make wall hangings using yarn or stitched embroidery in different colours adding quirky elements for a more engaging look.

Put on your creative hat and redecorate your home to welcome this festive season with lots of fun and innovation!



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