Easy Tips for Dancers to Improve their Skills
Jul 18, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal 

Almost every art in general requires constant practise, and there is always scope for some improvement. Dance is one such art which demands continuous learning and regular practise. You can always be better by adopting certain habits followed by skilled dancers. So following are some really easy tips you can use in order to improve your moves!

1. Pay Attention to Music

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Many dancers take music in their performance very lightly. But one of the very important factors that people consider while judging a dancer, is the music or song used while dancing. So the song selection should be done very carefully and the dancer should know the music in and out. It not only improves the performance, but also increases the comfort level of the dancer. In the long run, it becomes very important in the professional world to match the attitude of the song with the performance. So keep listening!

2. Practise in front of a mirror

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Most of the dance studios and dance classes have huge mirrors on every wall. This helps them evaluate themselves. Every dancer should try practising in front of a mirror so that the mistakes could be clearly identified. It helps a dancer judge, as to which move suits their body and goes with the entire performance and which doesn’t.

3. Take honest feedbacks

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You can always find people who will tell you that you are a great dancer. But you need to find people who will give you honest reviews. There should be someone to tell you if a step looks awkward on you or doesn’t really go with the nature of an event. You on the other hand should be open to take criticisms and act upon them positively.

4. Practise and Practise Again

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It is a well-known fact that only if you practise will you improve and your body will start to remember physical movements. It will increase your comfort level with difficult moves and eventually your skills will enhance. It will also boost up your stamina and you will be able to follow rigorous schedules that require dancing for long period of time. So practise constantly.

5. Dance alone

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Dancing alone has a variety of physical and emotional benefits. It will give you internal peace and you will be at ease with the art form. Additionally, it will boost your self-confidence and provide scope for perfection. You will certainly feel closer to dance emotionally when you dance alone- because then you will dance for yourself and not for the people around you.

6. Constantly learn and improve

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You need to stay updated with what people in your industry are currently doing- what dance forms are they practising and the new techniques they are following. It becomes very important in the professional world to adapt to new styles by constantly learning from the industry experts. It will give you an edge over other dancers and you will never feel left out or outdated.

7. Be a versatile Dancer

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Great dancers don’t stick to one dance form. They experiment with different styles and learn as many styles as possible. It will help you greatly in the professional scenario. Be expert at one, but at least be informed about the basics of others as well.

8. Love what you do

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It is very important to be passionate about an art form to truly excel in it. So love dancing to its core, and adore everything that comes with it- physical pain, competition, glamour and the never ending practise sessions. If you don’t love it, you will eventually give-up on certain moves and your performance will certainly be only average. So love every part of it.

Try these and do let us know if you have some more suggestions. Happy Dancing!


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