Glimpse Of Paper Cutting Artwork
Jan 05, 2018   BY: Snehal More 

Have you ever wonder that you can express the art form through paper cutting? Yes, and you don't have to rely only on canvas or paint. Paper cutting by hand is the art of paper designs. It requires a lot of patience and should be extremely precise and on-point. The paper cuts are punctilious cuts made by hand on a single sheet of paper using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and not by laser. This art form has evolved uniquely all over the world and adapted different cultural styles.

Firstly paper cutting art appeared in China and called as Jianzhi. It was mainly used for embroidery and lacquer work and has the history of over 1500 years. In India paper cutting art is called Sanjhi. The paper cut was used to fill in colors during the festive season to make Rangolis. Like China and India, with time it has various variations and uses in different parts of the world. They liven up walls, windows, doors, columns, lamps.

Here we have put together few of delicate paper cutting artwork.















Applaud for the artists around the world who are conserving and reviving this art form.



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