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Jun 28, 2017   BY: meet_the_wizard 

Done with sign up, wondering what to do next?

Still, have a very low profile strength and you want to improve it but not aware how to do it?


Follow these easy steps and complete your profile within minutes!

1. Profile Picture and Basic Details

Let people recognise you. Put your brand or your own best image in .png, .jpg etc supported formats. It will help to make your profile look more attractive and will benefit you with your networking. In basic details adding your professional headline is must, apart from this you should add your location and a brief about yourself. By this our system will be easily able to recommend you jobs, blogs, services etc that suit you and your interests. Apart from this, it will ease your visibility and will increase your reach.

Profile summary is the first thing a person reads while he visits your profile. So make sure it is interesting enough to attract followers, friends, industry experts or seekers.

2. Portfolio

After completing all about yourself and adding your educational details, you would love to showcase your work. Highlight your work by adding your customised portfolios. You can add as many as you want. In order to improve your profile strength to a very high extent, you must upload at least 3 portfolios. You can include text, images, videos and links in your portfolio to make it all the more appealing. 

3. Personal Details

Add all details about yourself. Click on "edit" infront of "Personal". A pop up will show and you can insert all the information regarding you. Right from your mobile number to your birth date and links to your social media profiles. This will help others to connect with you and will give basic information regarding you. Personal details ease the process of connection and contact. And be assured, your personal details will be secured and safe on our portals. As you can set privacy of visibility through Settings for phone number, e-mail, D.O.B, address and social media links. And very soon visibility for other fields will be added too.

4. Skill Board

Do you possess multi extra ordinary skills? List them here. Let everyone know you are expert in which fields. There’s no limit. You can add as many as you want. Just click on "Add" in front of "Skill Board". We welcome multitalented individuals. It is very simple, mention the industry you belong to from the drop-down menu and add relevant categories. Now you can add as many skills belonging to that category as you wish.

5. Experience

Already have an experience in the field you are in? Why miss a chance to showcase that. Click on "Add" infront of "Experience" to add your experience. Brag your experiences in details and let the seeker know that you are already ready and trained for the opportunity. 1 to 2 quality experiences will let you grab the opportunity much easier and will also boost your profile strength score.

6. Physical Details

Are you a model, actor, actress? Sharing your physical details will let the seeker to quickly match your profile with their requirement. Just click on "Edit" infornt of Personal Details and go to Physical Details. 

Share your physical details so that your profile strength gets improved and your basic details get fulfilled much properly.

7. Education

What are you pursuing? It is very important for the seeker. Your qualifications and educational details will frame light on your knowledge. Clcik on "Add" infront of "Education" to add you academic credentials. It will easily help seeker to shortlist and invite you for further process in case you fit in the requirement.


You are all set to leave an impact now with a completely modified profile and with a high profile score. For more comfort here is a sample profile you can look at Sample Profile




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