I Created my Artistize Profile- What Next?
Aug 18, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal 

So you are done creating your profile on Artistize. You have added your name, industry, location and a decent profile picture. Now you can relax and big projects will come your way. Right? Absolutely not!

Artistize is an initiative to make collaborating easier for everyone from art and entertainment industry. We assist to make you discoverable, provide access to opportunities, allow you to list services you offer and post requirements you have and a lot more. At the same time, you need to realize that in an industry like media and entertainment, it is you who needs to take utmost efforts to get noticed by the prospective seekers. This is why you will have to maximize your presence on the platform. Within a community of over 34000 users (yes, we have become that big), you need to create an identity of your own and stand out so that opportunities come your way easily.

For that to happen, here are some really easy steps you can follow:

1. Write great Professional headline

The first thing anyone looks at while he visits your profile is the professional headline you write. Describe in minimum words what you do and would want to do.  Be crisp and to the point. This will drive further interest of the seeker into your profile.

2. Upload as many details as you can

It is imperative that you include details like your skills, experience and past work in your profile. In the portfolio section you can insert videos, images, audio files, text files or simply the links of your work. Remember that seekers evaluate you majorly on the basis of the details you provide in your profile. It is the first impression you will create on the seekers so make it worth it! Check out our guide to creating portfolio on Artistize.

3. Make your presence felt by being active

To be observed by the hiring professionals, you should try being as active as possible on Artistize. In the Artscape section, you can share your work with all the 34000 Artistize users by selecting the “Public” option. Share things you feel will interest artists- from entertaining videos and artsy images to your views and opinions on current issues. Doing this, seekers and budding professionals might be interested in your work and might contact you for advice or opportunities.

4. Network with Professionals

Make the most of Artistize by sending messages and networking with artists and professionals from your industry. Share your ideas, seek advice and get professional guidance in your niche from the global users available on Artistize. It might land you with massive contacts and probably collaboration opportunities as well. 

5. Respond to Messages

Hiring professionals mostly don’t wait too long for people to respond to jobs. And as you know that jobs are lesser and people who seek them are more, opportunities get closed really soon. So be responsive. Even if you are not interested in a job, it is always a good habit to reply politely as you will then be considered for future opportunities.

6. Apply to Jobs

Don’t wait for seekers to discover you and contact you. Numerous opportunities are posted on Artistize on a daily basis. In order to never miss great opportunities, visit the website at least once daily and browse through the jobs section. Apply to the jobs that interest you because users who keep applying, eventually land up with great opportunities.

7. Create Your Service

Whichever type of artist you are, create your service on Artistize. Describe properly how you can help the potential seekers and why should they consider you over the rest. This will also help people know that you are available to explore and work on new projects.

Follow these steps and keep exploring. You never know- Everything that you have always wanted might be waiting for you. So unless you don’t try, you won’t know!

All the Best!


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