Most Famous Ballroom Dancers across the World
Jun 18, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal 

Ballroom dance is a very artistic form of dance performed by two people in a social or competitive setup. There are various types of ballroom dances including Cha Cha, Lindy Hop, Mambo, Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Tango and many more. Different dancers have mastered different dance forms and contributed towards the evolution and popularity of that particular Art. So here is a list of some of the most skilled and thus popular ballroom dancers across the world who have through their enormous skills, left the world amused.

1. Peter Eggleton

One of the most popular ballroom dancers of 1960s, Peter Eggleton is a three-time world champion. A truly skilled artist, well known for his quickstep, he has truly made a sound image for himself in the dance industry. Bringing in new styles of ballroom dancing and working hard to improve the current skills, he has rightfully contributed in the progress of Ballroom dancing.

2. William Pino

William Pino started dancing in 1992 together with Alessandra Bucciarelli for Germany. Best known for quirky choreography, this artist introduced unique styles in ballroom dancing to the world. Though he never won a World Title, yet for the ballroom fans, he remains one of the most adored dancer.

3. Richard Gleave

Perhaps the first artist to bring about the “modern” dancing to the art form, Richard Gleve is fairly an eight-time world champion. He possessed a high degree of mental toughness along with boundless techniques, skills and muscular abilities. What made him truly unique and eventually popular was the smoothness he carried with him as he glided on the dance floor.

4. Kym Johnson

A popular television performer and a professional Australian ballroom dancer, Kym Johnson has appeared several times in Dancing with the Stars and eventually went on to serve as the judge for the show’s Australian version. She began acquiring the skills of ballroom dancing from the age of 13 and retired from the competitive dance space in 2001. A truly gifted dancer, she along with her partner achieved the second prize at the Australian Dancesport Championships. Kym Johnson has transformed the ballroom dance genre and with her numerous TV appearances, she is justly one of the most popular ballroom dancer.

5. Charlotte Jorgensen

Charlotte Jorgensen is a Danish ballroom dancer who started learning dance at the age of two. Apart from being a great ballroom dancer, she is an expert in ballet who recently retired and has since then become a ballroom trainer. She contested professionally in 1944 and won the professional rising start championship with her partner Jens Werner. She was subsequently awarded the second position at the World Professional Ballroom Championship with her partner Andrew Sinkinson in 1999. Winning numerous awards and shows for her dancing skills, Charlotte Jorgensen is a true inspiration for the new generation of ballroom dancers

6. John Wood

John Wood began dancing in 1987 with Anne Lewis and is famous for being a physically imposing male ballroom dancer. He has also won the Professional World Championship with Anne Lewis. His postures and unique dancing style is something that leaves every viewer in admiration and wonder. Working with several partners throughout his professional career, he has always proved that his skills remain unharmed and sincere no matter who the partner.

7. Mirko Gozzoli

A very recent artist, Mirko Gozzoli is a four-time world champion between 2005 and 2008. He combines technique, authority, grace, charm and musicality like no other. He has competed with some of the most skilled ballroom dancers and has graciously conquered every time. He is one ballroom dancer every aspiring dancer of this generation looks up to.

Ballroom dances are very famous- in theatres, in films, in television and in plays. It is an art form enjoyed by almost everyone and several people across the world have mastered this Art. This was a list of some of the most notable ballroom dancers from across the world. If you think we missed someone prominent, let us know in the comments section. 


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