Most Famous Dance Forms From Around the World
Aug 12, 2017   BY: Preksha Goyal 

The Art of body movement rhythmically, mostly in sync with the music, Dance, is a form of expression as well as entertainment. Dance can be done as a form of exercise, emotional expression, spiritual performance or simply as a means of entertainment. It doesn’t really matter if you know this art or not because at some point or the other, all of us dance.

Every country has some special popular dance form which they have embraced in their culture and use as a means of entertainment and expression. Listed below are few most famous ones:

1. Ballet, Italy

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A highly technical dance form, Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance. The dance form requires a lot of graceful movements performed on the tip of toes. It requires extensive training, highly flexible body as well as body control. Costumes too play a very vital role in this art form. Ballet dancers wear knee length tutus and vibrant colors to display pointe work and the unique techniques used in the dance. Different stylistic variations of the dance form have also developed like the classical ballet, romantic ballet, neoclassical ballet and contemporary ballet.

2. Flamenco, Spain

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Originated in Andalusia, Spain, Flamenco represents the combination of cultural and musical tradition. The art form combines cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance), jaleo(dialogues), palmas (handclapping) and pitos (finger snapping). Flamenco is a very professionalized art practice built on several folkloric music backgrounds of Southern Spain and the art form thus refers to these melodic ethnicities and more contemporary musical styles which have themselves been intensely influenced by and become indistinct with the growth of flamenco.

3. Break Dance, United States

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A kind of street dance, Break Dance or B-boying consists of four major movements - toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. Mostly performed by people belonging to the hip hop culture, the art form comprises a variation of body movements, leg movements, spins and arm movements. A specialist of this form is called a b-boy, b-girl, or breaker. The dance form has become so popular across the world that various contests specific to this form are held on a large scale. Most famous among these are the Battle of the Year, Red Bull BC One, World B-Boy Classic and the B-Boy, B-Girl Africa.

4. Belly Dance, Middle East

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A very popular dance form, with every county making its own version both in terms of movements and costumes, Belly Dance originated as a Middle Eastern folk dance. Belly dance is predominantly a torso-driven dance, with prominence on articulations of the hips. Unlike many Western dance styles, the focus of this dance form is on isolations of the torso muscles, rather than on actions of the limbs.

5. Salsa, Cuba

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Salsa is characterized by shifting weight by stepping while maintaining the level of the upper body making it seem unaffected by the change of weight. This causes hip movement while simultaneously arm and shoulder actions are coordinated. This art form is performed at numerous venues majorly in night clubs, ballrooms, restaurants, and bars. Originated in Cuba, this dance has gained international recognition and many annual festivals have started being organized for dancers to share their passion for dance and share tips & experiences.

6. Samba, Brazil

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Rhythmical dance based in Afro-Brazilian origin, Samba is the dance of celebration and joy at Carnivals in Brazil. The dance form has a rapid beat that necessitates fast foot movements. Over the years, samba has combined intricate tricks, turns, and gymnastic features into its basic set of figures. The key features of samba are quick steps taken on quarter rhythms and a swaying gesture of the dancers.

7. Kathak, India

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One of the major Indian Classical dances, Kathak, comprises of rhythmic movements of the foot, complemented by small bells called Ghungroo. The art form involves story telling based on gestures of Arms and upper body movement. The facial expressions, majorly eye movements play a key role in this dance form.  This art found its origin from the Sanskrit Hindu Text called Natya Shastra which as written by Bharata Muni. Kathak might also involve the use of many props and traditional costume complimented by traditional jewelry.

There are numerous distinct dance forms that are prominent in different parts of the world. Dance is a great Art form and blessed are those who are able to express themselves using this art form and at the same time entertain the mass audience.




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