Must Watch Plays for Indian Theatre Lovers
Jun 30, 2018   BY: Preksha Goyal 

Theatre is not just a form of education, but also inspiration. Theatre art is something that influences the audiences in a way no other art form can. It’s a ride through emotions, drama, action and comedy. The viewer experiences it all along with the Artists. India has a vivacious theatre circle and some of the plays are really worth watching. So here are some plays you should not miss watching if you are a theatre lover residing in India.

1. Tughlaq

Tughlaq is a 1964, 13 act play originally written in the Kannada language by Girish Karnad. Set during the rule of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, this historic play was first staged in 1966 and has since then been one of the most popular and appreciated plays in India. The play’s theme revolves around reflecting the gap between political ambitions and actuality. It has been translated into various languages like Hindi, Bengali and Marathi; and rightfully so, has been appreciated the country over.

2. Ebong Indrajit

Ebong Indrajit is a very interesting play that brings with it a very refreshing theme- the monotony of mechanical existence. Though written in 1963, the play still demonstrates the “existential crisis” the youth today is facing. It focuses on issues like exploring life to find motivation and create something exciting. Written by the famous dramatist and theatre director Badal Sircar, this one is a treat to watch.

3. Dear Liar

A two-hour play directed by Satyadev Dubey, Dear Liar with a promising cast that includes actors like Ratna Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah, is a love story you can’t miss watching. Written by the American writer Jerome Kilty, the play displays how the culture was in the 19th and 20th century America along with having a love story at its core. The play has some funny, some emotional and some fascinating parts which when combined from a truly great play.

4. Hamlet the Clown Prince

A comic adaptation of the Shakespearean drama, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; this play is a full-on entertainment package with clowns putting up an absolutely wonderful show. Even if you aren’t a Shakespeare admirer, this fun adaptation enacted by clowns might be your thing! With some very promising theatre artists like Atul Kumar and Neil Bhoopalam, the play is surely a hit.

5. Wedding Album

Portraying the traditional old-style Indian wedding in a technologically developed, more advanced world, Girish Karnad has perfectly captured the life of an Indian urban middle class family. Directed by Lillete Dubey, this Indian drama is relatable, hilarious at times yet very emotional and a surely fun to watch play.

6. Walk in the Woods

You got to believe in a creation that has the two legendary names attached to it- Ratna Pathak Shah as the director and Naseeruddin Shah as the actor. An adaptation of a play written by Lee Blessing, Motley group has created a marvellous drama with less props and a lot of significance on sound effects and lighting. Set in woods, the play creates a magical ambience and everything- from the writing and direction to the acting and costume is appreciable.

These were some of the plays we found truly astonishing. Let us know about the ones you enjoyed the most!


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