Portfolio Making Guide
Jul 01, 2017   BY: meet_the_wizard 

Portfolio plays a major role for you in order to grab an opportunity. It showcases your talent and unveils the hidden potential inside you. Hence how to manage to have a good portfolio?

The entire procedure is very simple.


1.  Add Project

Start your new project for your portfolio creation by simply clicking on ‘add project’. You can add an endless number of projects in just a few simple steps mentioned below.


2. Project Name and Industry

What if all of us were unnamed? There won’t be any recognition! Adding a name to your project will make it easy to be distinguished from your other projects and can provide a little headline regarding what the project is all about. Also add the industry the project relates to. You can include various tags and little summary that best describes your project. 

Adding a cover image will give a face to your project, but be careful, the maximum size allowed for the cover image is 5 mb. Once you are done, click on Save to go to the next step.


3. Upload your work

Once you click on save, a section will open below saying "Upload your Work". It’s time now to provide all necessary details about your project. And here you can make it attractive and effective. What do all options we provide?

Upload uncountable files but again the maximum allowed size for each file you upload is 10mb.

You can add pictures, videos, URLs, audios, documents, or simple text in order to display your work. URL(s) to your existing files on other websites to link them here on this project or else you can add the embedded code obtained for your YouTube video. 

You may also share the document of your updated and elaborated resume or CV over here. Attach it to your project as a document so that you can easily provide a snapshot of your skills, education, experience and other details. Once done, click on Save and it will all be visible on your profile making it more appealing.


Now you are all ready to create an attractive and much effective portfolio which will definitely attract seekers and will fetch you the right opportunity.


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