Preliminary Art And Drawings
Feb 17, 2017   BY: Artistize 
No art develops in a day. Developing an art work is a disciplined procedure; it requires planning and tedious experiments. Every artist has a vague idea on which they develop their pieces. The process generally begins by developing rough sketches. A wide array of techniques can be used to develop these preliminary drawings which will serve as the basal material for the art development. These rough sketches are generally made with pencils and are modified in the due course of time. But generally, artists after the completion of art does not know what to do with these art pieces so here are a few advices to make the best out of these preliminary art pieces.

•    Conserve these pieces for future reference and development of art pieces.
•    Recycle this preliminary artas these have the potential to develop into masterpieces. 
•    Collect them as portfolio pieces as they say a lot about an artist.
•    Use them as a source of client approval.
•    Use them for visual exploration.

Hope these help you in future.

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