Sports Photography
Oct 20, 2016   BY: Artistize 
As children, everyone loves to play, but for some these games turn into their passion and later into a career. Sports are one of the biggest fields of career at this point in time. Sports are anything pertaining to the competitive physical activity or game. Earlier, sports were an activity for increasing qualities of teamwork, confidence and a sense of empathy in the humankind but largely its sole purpose was for entertaining. With roman gladiators fighting in the arena among thousands of people to Spanish matadors fighting bulls, every sport’s sole purpose was entertainment. But now everything is growing on a global scale. Today, almost every sport is commercialized and is viewed on television around the globe. In such a scenario every multimedia tool comes in handy and photographs are one such tool.

Sports photography is an ever-increasing industry and has taken a center stage especially in the last century. Sports photographs capture the essence of the sports, the glorious victories, the graceful losses and some scandalous events. However, what makes sports photography great is the raw emotions, the unfiltered faces, the real sweat and the human capacity intermixed with passion. The photographs which are able to deliver these are the real masterpieces. Sports photography is an art and is one of the sources which deliver the real sport to the general public.

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