Feb 01, 2018   BY: Snehal More 

Street wall painting has the essence of an artist’s creativity and has become one of the must "sights to behold" in different parts of the world. Whether its Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London or Delhi one can find captivating art on walls of subways, buildings, sidewalks and other public spaces within these cities. These places are home and medium for many pioneering artists to emerge.

It has surpassed its vandalism act to new modes where artists express socially right messages or just portrays the beauty of colors which enact visuals on walls and hence it is now considered among the people one of the lively art. It is booming internationally with the support of artist communities and media. Today, some of the most beautiful example's of the canvas is seen not within the museum or gallery doors but seen painted on street walls.

Here, we present beautiful street wall paintings from around the world.


An artsy treat for the music lovers. 



Art is about portraying beauties, irrespective of a canvas. Isn't it?



Art is about filling the colors and making it part of our life.


Art is a way of bringing life even to a dilapidated place.


Express love for a person or culture or anything you love with art.



Art reminds the innocence we have & what make us human.


Laud for all street wall painting artists to keep this art lively.




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