Tansen- The Music Maestro
Jun 17, 2016   BY: Artistize 

Music has always been a crowd pleaser. With the sweet melody and mesmerizing lyrics it is complete package of astoundingly amazing human feelings.

But some people are known better than others because of the excellence they possess. And when we talk about the Indian music, one name never goes without a good hearty mention, Tansen. Mian Tansen was a prominent composer, vocalist, instrumentalist and musician. He is considered as one of the greatest music figures in the history of Indian music. He was one of the nine jewels or “navaratnas” at the court of the Mughal emperor Jalal ud-din Akbar.

He is known to reorient the fame of the Asian music instrument Rubab. He used to sing and play Rubab at the court. Some fables say that he was so good that his voice reached the heaven and clouds clustered and heavy rains followed known as the ”megh malhara”. Some fables say that the candles in Akbar’s court used to light up automatically when he sung the “raga Deepak”. Such was the prowess of his voice.

His music legacy has now become an inevitable part of the Indian classical music. He is credited as a creator for several Hindustani ragas like Kanada, Darbari, Todi and Rageshwari. Most of the Gharanas (schools which teach music) trace back their ancestry to him. He is not only a major figure in the music; he is becoming a prominent contemporary figure with many movie and television adaptations based on his life. The Government of India even organizes an annual Tansen festival at his tomb in the month of December and honours the exponents of Hindustani classical music with a special award known as the “Tansen Samman”.


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