Top 8 clothing hacks
Sep 12, 2016   BY: Artistize 
Clothing makes an important part of one’s life. The clothes we wear say a lot about us. Some people prefer comfort over looks and others prefer sass over comfort. But sometimes clothes become tight, loose or old and no one likes to lose their favourite shorts just because they are torn. So, to help you in such hard times, here are some easy hacks to help you.
  1. Old jeans- Cut your jeans from above the knees to transform them in comfy denim shorts.
  2. Shrunken cloth- If a cloth shrink, the best way to restore it to its normal size is by adding it in a bowl of ice water and a cup of hair conditioner.
  3. Deodorant stains- Deodorants leave white stains on clothes making them look dirty but a simple solution is to wipe the stains using baby wipes.
  4. Old t-shirts- Cut your old t-shirt from the neck and area around the arms and use lace to give it a brand-new look.
  5. Torn jeans- Wear an embroidered pair of stockings under your torn jeans to give it a new definition.
  6. Pilling- That dreaded pilling can ruin your favourite sweater but there is a really simple way to prevent it. Move a razor over your sweaters to remove the pills.
  7. Grease and oil stains- Rub the stain with a chalk piece and wash it as normal.
  8.  Tie- Wearing tie on a windy day can be a bit difficult. But slip a coin down the inside of the hem to stop it from blowing all around.
Hope these will help you to take better care of your clothes.

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