Top Plus-Size Models In India
Jul 08, 2017   BY: meet_the_wizard 

Is everything about being skinny? The plus size models are breaking the rules certainly. The profiles of such models in today's fashion industry are certainly on the rise. And they are not only coming but also making impressive and effective foot in. They are firm in confidence and sure about their body. Let us know who are the top plus size models in India.


1. Tinder Badhesha

She has made India proud globally by being the America’s first plus size Indian model ever. India was yet to accept the plus sized models when Tinder made herself a brand worldwide. She has featured in numerous magazines in tv ads running all across America. Having a plus size body is a fact of concern not because of how you look but due to how people treat you. Said that Tinder had separate thoughts, for her she was pretty in her own sense through her own eyes and decided to make a career out of it by pursuing her own dreams of being a model.

2. Anjana Bapat

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Anjana Bapat is among the top 10 selected candidates out of Lakme Fashion week ramp. Reading, music, and singing has been her creative aspects. But she believes dancing resides more deep into her soul. Programmer at an MNC, she had her career all set but she soon realized that her happiness resides somewhere else. After few failed weight losing attempts she understood that her beauty is not dependent on her weight. And here she was carrying herself gorgeously in the Lakme Fashion Week.


3. Kais Sundrani

Once a student of Jai Hind College Mumbai, Kais Sundrani was unsure of his looks and body weight. Being neglected by people around him, he never let the negativity affect himself. Kais Sundrani was among 10 selected plus sized models who walked on the prestigious ramp of Lakme Fashion week. 160 participants showed up to this unique initiative and Kais was certainly better than many of them and bagged the prize.

4. Payal Soni

22-year-old Payal Soni resides in Mumbai. Sales executive by profession, she had her career lined up in real estate world, she soon became a fashion influencer. She always expressed her love to search trendy and classy clothes and she believes that our industry slowly is accepting the plus sized models. Skirts, denim and graphic tees are her all time favorite when it comes to search for clothing. She always wanted to be an inspiration for other people for those who think that plus size can never be a model or be in trend.


5. Anil Pamnani

There was a tough and enlarged competition at the Lakme Fashion week but being selected among 10 finalists certainly, deserves high credits. Anil Pamnai was among 160 plus sized participants who might be neglected by the crowd around them but they knew that to attain happiness you need not be slim. A time where boys prefer 6 pack abs over their body Anil Pamnani now became a face of inspiration by having a body which was nowhere near any gym body. It’s all due to his inner strength and determination.


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