Why Is Hair And Makeup Beyond Superficiality?
Mar 18, 2017   BY: Artistize 
We are living in the world where people pretend to be something they are not. People are talking about feminism but still have the perception that women, who spend time on their hair and makeup, are shallow. Even in 21st with massive advancement, the common misconception about makeup persists. Women all over world suffer from a dilemma is makeup and doing hair worth the time. My answer would be positive, yes, it is worth the time. So women who love doing hair and makeup do not get deterred by what people say, just follow your heart. Here are some things to support my assertion.
  • Makeup and hair is more than superficiality- Makeup and hair is more than just showing the world that you are perfect extrinsically but for inner satisfaction. It is more than superficiality; it is the boost one wants to show the world what they are.
  • Looks are important because it is the first trait which a person first notices about you. So, looking food is also important.
  • Variegation- Variation is something which keeps everything afresh. Living the same way makes  everything monotonous. Variegation comes as an aid when you want a change. Changing makeup  and hair is one of the way in which you can bring a change in your everyday life. It makes you felicitous for the occasions. 
  • Changing your makeup and hair is really helpful in making you apt for the occasions. It helps you to be perfect and the best thing is that, you can change yourself every time you go out.
  • Being humans we have the tendency to look perfect. And if makeup and hair can give you the  confidence and the feeling of perfection, then there seems no problem as such in the whole concept.

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