About Us

We are here to demystify Art. Art is about ideas, and we want to expose those ideas to the world.

Our mission is to liberate all artists. We are dedicated to helping them
harness the power of their art to inspire, transform and illuminate.

Artistize Overview

Artistize is a unique concept, which revolves around exploring the world of artists, and letting artists explore the world of art! Artistize is a platform where artists can scout for opportunities from potential employers, and can connect with other artists as well. Our aim is to promote networking among artists, and bring together artists around the world, both performing and off-stage- actors, models, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, photographers, painters, sculptors, writers to name a few. We want to help artists by providing as much exposure as we can, and integrating all key requirements for an artist into our user-friendly online platform.

Our Vision

We strive to provide massive visibility and exposure to artists from more than sixteen art categories, a talent identification and evaluation tool for seekers and employers, networking, learning possibilities, and collaboration between both parties by making a unique, upscale and innovative online platform available to them that will differentiate it from other selective and non-selective platforms.

Our Mission

In an effort to bring economic opportunities closer to artists, we at Artistize bring together artists, artistes and their seekers globally on a single user-friendly online networking platform, which provides visibility & exposure to the artists and identification & evaluation tools to the employers.

Our Values

We promise innovation, excellent and integrity. Users our primary value and our purpose is very clear - to give all artists the required visibility, economic empowerment, ability to be seen, heard, and to share their creative self with the world around them. We work towards making it easier for artists and seekers pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.


Deepa Chawrai
  • Founder, JobBubbles
Suresh Chawrai
  • Director, Vyome

Advisory Board

Somnath Chowdhury
Honorary Advisor
  • Charter Member, TiE
Sumant Dhamija
  • Author | OCSI
Deepak Agrawal
  • IdeaSpring Capital | The Hive
Gulshan Jhurani
Honorary Advisor
  • Zoom Communications Ltd.

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