About Us

We are here to demystify Art, Art is about ideas, and we want to expose those ideas to the world.

History of Founding of Our Company

A couple of years back, Suresh never thought that finding a good music teacher for his son would be so difficult. He took references from friends but obviously, the options were very limited. Even Google couldn’t help –no matter what the search terms were, the results were pretty random and non-relevant. The end result – he was still looking for a good teacher even after 2 months of rigorous efforts. He couldn’t believe that when all of us are boasting about the Internet age and 24-hour connectivity, it absolutely didn’t help him in such matter.

That’s when he thought of leveraging the Internet and technology to get the artists and talent seekers together. Thus, Artistize was born as a one-stop platform to connect artists with art seekers.

“If I faced this problem, I am sure many of you must also be facing such issues”, says Suresh about the thought behind Artistize. “I hope Artistize offers a solution to your woes”

We operate our business under these principles

- We strive for best user experience and offer genuine value to the Artistize users.

- We are excited about building relationships: between artists themselves, between artists and art seekers, and between our users and us.

- We believe in working with integrity, fairness, and transparency.

- We provide a caring, free-spirited, and genuine place to work. We want it to be a great learning place for everyone.

- We always want to work on next – next best feature, next best experience, next best idea.

- We are not working on a campaign. We have started a movement and we are completely devoting ourselves towards solving an issue.

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than providing a massive visibility & exposure to all types of artists, a talent identification-evaluation tools to the their seekers / employers, and networking, collaboration & learning possibilities to both the parties by making a unique, upscale, innovative online platform available that will differentiate it from any other selective- and non-platforms.

Our Mission

The mission of ARTISTIZE is to bring together artists around the world (both, performing as well as offstage artists) on a single user-friendly online platform and to make opportunities accessible to the artists and talent available to the seekers (Employers, Producers, Event Managers, Agencies, Parents, Students, Art Sellers, etc)

Our Values

Users is our primary value and our purpose is very clear - to give everyone the needed visibility, economic empowerment, ability to be recognized, seen, heard, and the ability to share their creative self with the world around.

A commitment to innovation and excellence, and integrity are our other core values.

While the whole Artistize team deserves a mention here, the lack of space is forcing us to pick and choose a few names without whom, Artistize wouldn’t have been a reality.

Founding Team

Dr. Suresh Chawrai


A strategic thinker with strong leadership skills, who has always managed to excel at projects Suresh has gotten his hands on. Being referred to as ...

Deepa Chawrai


Deepa is the thinker, the executer, the critique, the encourager, well, everything for Artistize. She built Artistize from scratch with Suresh.      

Advisory Board

Somnath Chowdhury

Honorary Advisor
Charter Member, TiE

Sumant Dhamija

Author  |  OCSI

Gulshan Jhurani

Honorary Advisor
Zoom Communications Ltd.

Deepak Agrawal

IdeaSpring Capital  |  The Hive


"The Artistize concept is an excellent idea which aims at promoting artists in their respective fields.Projected in the right manner through the channel of Social Media it would surely fulfill its goal and help deserving artists who need a break.”

Padma Shri Devayani

International Bharata Natyam Dance Performer & Choreographer

“It is an amazing platform for someone who wants to connect socially and at the same time, this platform enables you to get noticed. The easy to be accessed features such as CV updation and concept behind such tiny plots makes it unique. The concept is mesmerizing and I totally loved it! The superb initiative deserves appreciation. I wish artistize a great success!.”

Shweta Chaudhary

Actress & Professional Classical Dancer

“Found it to be a great platform for youngsters and senior musicians alike. This certain boosts young artists, as they see a platform which recognizes their talent and provides them with much-needed opportunities. Also, there is an increase in visibility. Plus, the database of musicians is very impressive..”

Abhishek Borkar

Sarod Exponent and Composer

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