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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Artistize?

Artistize is a one-stop platform which connects the artists with art lovers and art seekers. It provides a platform to artists to showcase their talent and art seekers get an opportunity to search and find the right talent through Artistize.

2. Who are the people behind Artistize?

Artistize is the brainchild of Suresh and Deepa. Suresh, a PhD from the University of Cambridge, is an artist by heart. His struggle to find a music teacher for his son gave him the idea about Artistize. Deepa is the Founder of one of the most renowned recruitment companies in India. She is the strategic thinker and motivator behind Artistize. Read more about us and story on how Artistize evolved at ABOUT US

3. What are the differentiators of Artistize?

Artistize is unique in many ways –
• It is the only platform, which provides networking abilities to artists and art seekers.
• It is a common platform for artists of different skill-sets all over the world.
• It offers multiple opportunities for talent presentation and evaluation, networking, follow-up, talent search, auctioning of art, etc.
• It is backed by a strong team of recognized advisors and experts.

4. Is Artistize free?

Absolutely. As an artist, you can register on Artistize for free. Go ahead and create your portfolio, network with others, search for jobs and opportunities, showcase your talent – all for free!

5. Do I have to register to use Artistize?

Yes. While you can browse through the art works of other artists without the need to register, if you really want to experience the platform completely, you need to register. But don’t worry, the registration is completely free! Once you register, you can create your talent showcase, search and apply for various jobs, create or join groups, and interact with other artists. As an art seeker, once registered, you can search for the right talent and contact/hire them directly.

6. Is this portal region specific? Can I register on Artistize?

Artistize is open for worldwide audience. Go ahead and register free here!

7. I am an Artist. How can I start using Artistize?

Very simple – first, register yourself free. Once registered, create your talent portfolio by uploading your work – your work could be pictures, text or videos. Once your portfolio is ready, you can start looking for suitable job opportunities, join relevant groups or simply start interacting with other artists!

8. Is my artwork secure on Artistize?

Oh absolutely! We take copyright protection very seriously. We ensure that all your art works are secure at our end. We also insert a copyright symbol on your pictures making them non-usable unless ‘you’ give specific permission to do so. We do not allow unauthorized download of artworks from our site. In case you have any specific question or concern on this, get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions ?

9. How do people discover artists on Artistize?

Well, there are multiple ways – Art seekers come to Artistize to search for relevant talent and artists. They can also post their job requirements, which the artists can view and apply for. We also extensively promote good talent on our social platforms. The only thing you, as an artist, need to do is to be active on Artistize, keep your portfolio updated and respond to comments, feedback, and questions promptly.

10. I am looking for a Guitar teacher. Can I find one on Artistize?

Sure. Simply search for the same on Artistize using the right keywords. Unlike the search engines, which will throw in the hundreds of un-useful search results, Artistize will give you a precise list of guitar teachers. In fact, you can localize your searches within a specified regional diameter. You will get an opportunity to check the work of the teacher, her credentials, the reviews and ratings as given by other users and once you are convinced, you can contact the teacher yourself. It’s that simple and easy!

11. Where can I report an abusive artwork on Artistize?

Every post a user creates, will have an option of marking it as ABUSE. However, you can in addition report it at REPORT ABUSE.

12. I have uploaded an artwork on Artistize, can I use it somewhere else?

Sure, why not. While Artistize does not have any exclusivity condition, ensure that you check the requirements for other sites and comply accordingly.

13. How can I deactivate or delete my Artistize profile?

All you need to do is to write an email to us at info@artistize.com. We would really appreciate if you could tell us the reason why you chose to deactivate or delete your Artistize Profile so that we can resolve all your issues.

14. I want to delete my few art works from Artistize How do I do that?

To delete any of the project from your portfolio, go to “Portfolio” from the top navigation bar. On the Portfolio page, hover on the right top corner of the “Project” that you want to delete and click “Delete” which is the last option in the dropdown menu that appears. For any issues, please write to us at support@artistize.com

15. What is Portfolio? What is the difference between a Profile and a Portfolio?

A profile is your identity on Artistize. Just like your profile on other social platforms, it contains details about you – your name, contact details, bio etc. Your portfolio contains the details about your work. For example – if you are a photographer, a collection of your photographs is your portfolio. Or, if you are an actor, then a collection of your pictures or videos of your performance is your portfolio.

16. The home page of Artistize is different for me and my friend. Why?

Artistize offers you a very personalized experience on the platform. Based on your choices and interests, the home page renders itself to offer you a unique experience. We will show you updates only about your friends and followers. We will show you the groups, which will interest you. We will proactively show you the jobs, which might be relevant for you – everything is customized just for you! Register now and get ready for an amazing experience on Artistize!

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