Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is getting revised.

At Artistize, we give the highest priority to your privacy and security. We have carefully crafted the following Privacy Policy to make it as easily comprehensible as possible to our users. We strive towards using the website a secure and fruitful experience for you-our users.


Artistize brings together artists, artistes and their seekers around the world on a single user-friendly online platform.

Artists can be actors, models, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, many others; while seekers may be one or more from employers, producers, event managers, agencies, government bodies, corporates, students, etc.

Artistize provides visibility & exposure to the artists and identification & evaluation tools to the seekers. Here users,

  1. publish their profile, portfolio, services, requirements and opportunities, content as posts / blogs
  2. create agencies and groups,
  3. engage for social, professional or business networking
  4. identify and evaluate artist(s) of desired skill sets by utilizing a number of highly useful search filters, recommendations or ratings.
  5. Identify and apply for suitable opportunities and get placed / hired.

Information that we collect and use


We collect direct and some indirect information from you. To register/create an account as a user (“Member”) on Artistize, you must provide us with at least your name (first and last), email address, age, sex, location, and work industry & category. Indirect Information subsumes information that is not directly related to you personally which may include your browser, IP address, name of your ISP, the cookies. This category of the indirect information is modifiable and hence is subject to change without notice. You understand that, by registering (creating an account) on Artistize, we and others will be able to identify you by your Artistize profile. We may also ask for your credit/debit card details if you purchase certain additional services. We do not collect any sensitive personal information like health and genetic data, biometrics, racial or ethnic data, political opinions and sexual orientation criminal offence details etc. unless users intend to display/provide such data. The information you provide is used to provide a better user experience on Artistize and overall functionality. The personal information you provide while carrying out transactions in the websites may be used by authorized affiliations/users in relation to your request. We may share all the information as and when required by our affiliations to carry out tasks which are beneficial for the functioning of website. The affiliations use of your information would be solely for the purpose as assigned to them. From time to time we send promotions or seek your feedback using surveys. You may discontinue from the same at your own discretion. When you apply for any kind of audition or connect to any other user, your user information including your details are visible to them the visibility of which might be modified using our security features. If you have any queries regarding the same you may contact our support team at We use user’s information in different ways for various analytics purposes and many more to be able to provide better services and not for any illegitimate means.

Profile Information

After you create an account, you may choose to provide additional information on your Artistize profile, such as descriptions of your skills, professional experience, and educational background. You can list honors, awards, professional affiliations, Group memberships, networking objectives, companies or individuals that you follow, and other information including content. Subject to the settings you choose, your connections may provide recommendations of you. Providing additional information enables you to derive more benefit from our Services by helping you express your professional identity; find other professionals, opportunities, and information; and help recruiters and business opportunities find you. It also enables us to serve you ads and other relevant content on and off of our Services.

Promotions & Subscriptions

Artistize does not promote or allow advertising or registering users who provide escort services or any other related services. If any such account or portfolio is found on our websites they will be immediately deleted from Websites and legal action might be taken if deemed necessary. Artistize does not allow posting of explicit /obscene images and incase any user is found to practice the same, the user may be liable to the damages and loss caused to any person/firm and would be punishable under the norms of government regulatory system. Artistize in any case does not hold responsibility or is liable to such instances.

Log Files, IP Addresses, and Information About Your Computer and Mobile Device

When you visit or leave our Services (whether as a Member or Visitor) by clicking a hyperlink or when you view a third-party site that includes our plugin or cookies (or similar technology), we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came or the one to which you are directed. Also, advertisers receive the URL of the page that you are on when you click an ad on or through our Services. We also receive the internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer or the proxy server that you use to access the web, your computer operating system details, your type of web browser,your mobile device (including your mobile device identifier provided by your mobile device operating system), your mobile operating system (if you are accessing Artistize using a mobile device), and the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier. We may also receive location data passed to us from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have set up, which we use to show your local information (for example, jobs postings in your location) on our mobile applications and for fraud prevention and security purposes.


Cookies are files that store your website traffic data onto your hard disk. They may be the sites you visit, the things you use on internet frequently and many things related to your usage. We may use the information from these cookies and may also provide it to third-party, which may include disclosing your identity. The advertisers also use the cookies and tools through our website for which the privacy policy is not the part of our privacy policy and the user is advised to go through their rules and regulations before using them. However, you have the right and tools to disable cookies if you do not want to disclose some information related to cookies. But some parts of our websites require cookies to function properly and hence if a user disables the cookies, it may limit some features that use cookies. Cookies may also be used to identify your choices, your likes and preferences which will help us in providing you better services.

Email Communication

We may save all the exchanged information in any form without any limitation (user information, money transaction, etc.) between you and us. From time to time we may send you offers, promotions and other service request for which you have opted yourself directly or indirectly. After registering to Artistize you may receive notifications of opportunity in many forms related to you, you may also receive email notifications, newsletters and updates related to Artistize which at your own will can be unsubscribed. You may unsubscribe by using the link in the emails or contacting our support team. We may in future change control of services to our affiliations or other third party or companies for which we may share user information without any limitation.

If you are not abiding by the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, we reserve the right without any limitation to track the user and disclose the information of any form as requested by the legal authorities, government, website affiliations to protect our Websites.

Customer Service

When you contact our customer support services (e.g. on our helpline number), we may have to access your Groups and other contributions to our Services and collect the information we need to categorize your question, respond to it, and, if applicable, investigate any breach of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy. We also use this information to track potential problems and trends and customize our support responses to better serve you. We do not use this information for advertising.

Social Networking

Artistize being a social networking site for performing artist’s offers social networking features. Our website does not hold any responsibility of you sharing information with other users at Artistize. We are not liable to any damages or loss caused due to public post made by you or any other user or third party.

Privacy of children

As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions , when we talk about the “Minimum Age”, we mean-

  1. 18 years old for the citizens of the People's Republic of China.
  2. 16 years old for the citizens of Netherlands.
  3. 14 years old for the citizens United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and South Korea.
  4. 13 years old for citizens of all other countries.

Your registration on website requires your age to be not below 13 years and if any user or their parents/guardian happens to find out that their child is not adhering to the age limit and misusing the website, you contact our support team and request deletion of the account. We purposely do not collect information of child other than that provided and are not liable to any consequences that arise from the misuse of our Website and Services.

As being a child artist below 13 years, if any child who wants to create his/her Artistize account, his/her account will be under parental guidance and will be operated by parent/guardian of that child.

However, parent or guardian may sign in on behalf of their children. Normal registration with some extra information is required for signing up the website. Your data will be kept confidential. You are requestedto not provide details ormake thempublic which may locate your child in terms of places, contact numbers etc. You may hide contact details and other private details according to your will using privacy settings in our Website. We request you to upload photos of your children in a set up that is appropriate at their age and is current. It is your sole responsibility to check the audition policy and facilities whether they are par with the norms associated to such auditions. You may also refer to the Safety Tips during auditions so that you do not fall prey to fake auditions.

If you have any query about the talent seeker or other users please feel free to contact our support team. We will be able to help you with the best details in our reach but the user is requested to not just rely on information provided by Artistize and also do a robust verification from their end and for help follow the Safety tips.


Your Security is our top most priority. We have implemented security safeguards designed to protect the personal information that you provide in accordance with industry standards.But we are not responsible for any theft of your content which is unethical according to Artistize without any limitation. In case we find that your account is being compromised, we may at our sole discretion inform you about the same using your latest email address available on Artistize, getting a bad reply on email may lead to deactivation of your account and would be reactivated on your written consent by email to our support team. We also offer secure https access to the website. To protect any data you store on our servers, we also regularly monitor our system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks, and we use a tier-one secured-access data center. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information. Please note that emails, instant messaging, and similar means of communication with other Members are not encrypted, and we strongly advise you not to communicate any confidential information through these means. Please help keep your account safe by using a strong password.

Polls & Surveys

Polls and Surveys may be conducted by us, Members, or third parties. Some third parties may target advertisements to you on the results page based on your answers in the poll. We or third parties may follow up with you via email regarding your participation unless you have opted out of receiving email messages. We may use third parties to deliver incentives to you to participate in surveys or polls. If the delivery of incentives requires your contact information, you may be asked to provide personal information to the third party fulfilling the incentive offer, which will be used only for the purpose of delivering incentives and verifying your contact information. It is up to you whether you provide this information, or whether you desire to take advantage of an incentive. Your consent to use any personal information for the purposes set forth in the poll or survey will be explicitly requested by the party conducting it.


You can search for Members, employment opportunities, information about companies, and community content from Groups on our Services. For example, you can find Members with particular expertise or experience, or Members that you may know from your industry or profession. You can also find employment opportunities and information about companies. We use personal information from our Services, including Member profiles, Groups content, and Company Pages, to inform and refine our search service.


If you participate in Groups, share content on your network update stream, or import a blog or other content, you should be aware that any information you choose to disclose using these services can be read, collected, and used by other Members in these forums, developers, and other third parties, including advertisers. We are not responsible for the information you choose to submit in these forums. Your Groups contributions are typically searchable on our Services and some content in Groups may be public and searchable on the Internet if the group owner has not closed the group for public discussions.

Job Postings

Whether your posting is for paid or unpaid work, you warrant that your posting and the job or audition advertised are not in breach of any relevant law from time to time in force including, but not limited to, the laws relating to the national minimum wage, employment rights and equality/diversity. You agree that it is your responsibility to meet all legal obligations towards those whom your posting is aimed at.Artistizereserves the right in its absolute discretion not to allow your advertisement to be posted on or to remove your advertisement from our site if, in its reasonable opinion, the advertisement is in breach of national minimum wage legislation or any other legislation, including relating to employment rights and equality/diversity.


Without limiting any other rights and remedies available to, we may limit your activities on the web site, remove your advertisements, remove your profile and files, issue a warning to you, suspend or terminate your membership, or refuse to provide our services to you if you breach these terms and conditions, our Community Guidelines, or any of our other policies, or where considers it otherwise appropriate.

Intellectual Property

The Artistize website and any associated microsites created and hosted by Artistize, and all content on the website (including advertisements, data, text, graphics, photographs, logos, videos and the look and feel) and all intellectual property rights in those (including copyright) are owned by Artistize (or our contributors and other licensors). You must not, and must not permit any other person to, copy, modify, adapt, create derivative works of, transmit, distribute, upload to any site, create a link to, exploit or deal with in any way, any part of the website or its content.

You are not permitted to use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the name, trademarks and logos of for any reason without our express written permission.

You must access the website via standard web browsers only and not by any other method (such as scraping, deep-linking, harvesting, data mining, use of a robot or spider, automation, or any similar data gathering, extraction or monitoring method) except with our express written permission.


Although we take reasonable steps to prevent the introduction of viruses or other destructive materials to our website, associated microsites created and hosted by Artistize, or on-line service, we do not guarantee that the service or materials that may be available from our website do not contain such destructive features. We shall not be liable for any damages or liability attributable to such features. If you use any materials available through this website, you do so solely at your own risk.

Member Contact

You agree that when you make your profile public or include your photo in the Talent Directory that will publish your personal information and photos, and allow other members to contact you. You also agree that you will not use the contact system to send junk mail, spam, offensive messages, or for any purposes other than those directly related to auditions or casting calls. will be the sole judge of any breach of the conditions of use. Any breach of these conditions can result in your membership being terminated and a permanent ban from the site. No refund will be given if you have breached the conditions of use.

You may contact our legal team in case you have questions and queries regarding privacy policy, terms of use. We at our absolute discretion would respond to your queries if it is answerable.You can access and change your privacy settings and other account settings at any time.

Contact us for any queries

Safety Tips


When dealing with other users or opportunities you are requested to do a background research. If you find any suspicious emails from Artistize or any suspicious advertisements on our Websites, you can immediately inform us regarding the same.

How to spot a fake mail?

  1. A make mail may be the one that asks for credit card/bank details, money by other means.
  2. One that contains poor vocabulary and or grammatical errors
  3. One that asks general information without details that is expected for auditions.
You can contact us easily in the case you suspect or encounter such mails and you are requested to refrain yourself from following up with them.

Ensure the genuineness of National auditions/International auditions, below are some tips that you must follow in addition to your own ways of verification:

  1. Look out for company in the Internet
  2. Research Company’s background
  3. Validate their commitment by using contact details/reviews
  4. Take your parent/guardian/friend with you
  5. Refrain yourself from doing what is uncomfortable according to you
  6. Read your agreement carefully before signing the contract
  7. Generally auditions are held at theatres and If you are receiving the audition venue to be hotels/bars/home, this might be an indication of fraud.
You understand that all information, data, text, photograph, videos, graphics, messages and or other materials ("user content"), whether public-ally posted or privately transmitted via the service, are sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated. You are responsible for all the user content that you upload, post, broadcast, display, email, transmit, or otherwise make available via the service. cannot control the information provided by users/service providers which is made available through the services.

User’s Security:

Users are requested to go through the roles prior to signing the contract. Generally stripping for audition is not standard and if asked to do so, you yourself should be alarmed. Regardless of roles never send any video auditions of yourself in obscene situation to anyone promising to give you a role or an opportunity. Always beware of private auditions which may call you for auditions at home/hotel/bar. Refrain yourself immediately from such opportunities.

Nudity/Objectionable Art work:

On-screen nudity in professional setups like modelling is arranged well before with a closed set and approved staff only. You are advised to ensure the role, agreement, place as well as modest facilities available during shooting.

If you receive any kind of request via Artistize calling for an audition that involves nudity, you must immediately send us the details of such talent seekers at Artistize does not promote or facilitate in any kind such auditions.

Please use caution and common sense when using the site. has no control over the quality or legality of the art listed the truth or accuracy of the listings or any other information provided by a user, Please intimate us in case you find any content objectionable or illegal and we will do our best to verify and take suitable action. You understand that you, and not, is responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from your computer to us and you must use the website for lawful purpose only.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Hence we shall post any privacy policy changes on the homepage of the Website or notify you by email.


Infringement of copyright occurs when someone takes either all of your work, or a substantial part of it, without permission. However, there are several exceptions which allow a copyright work to be used without permission. If someone has infringed your copyright you could contact them directly, consider mediation, or seek legal advice. If you decide to take legal action, there are a number of remedies that you can seek from the court.

The infringer can give a promise, known as an undertaking, that they will license the work from you, under terms that you agree. The court can grant an injunction. This means that the judge will make an order to stop the person from using your work. This could also mean having your work returned to you or seizure of any infringing copies.

The court may also award damages. This may be with an order for damages; to restore you back into the position that you would have been in if the infringement had not occurred. Or it may be an account for profits; where the profits gained by the infringer are assigned to the original copyright owner.

Action against copyright infringement can be taken by the copyright holder or someone who has full licence of the work. It is also possible to take action against infringement of moral rights. So, even if you have sold your copyright to a publisher, for example, you can still assert your moral rights, such as objecting to derogatory treatment of your work. The court may grant an injunction to stop the person doing the derogatory act against your work.

Artistize will do the due diligence before posting your Copyright art.

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