Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Artistize (Asha Talent Solutions Private Limited or; collectively, “we”, “us” or “our”). As used in this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) the singular terms “Website” or “Platform” include all websites and all devices or applications that collect personal information from you that we or our successors, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies and other companies, under a common control that we may have now or in the future (“Affiliated Companies”) operate that link to this Privacy Policy, web pages within each such website, device or application, and web pages that are associated with each such website, platform, web-portal, device or application.

At Artistize, we strive to give very high priority to privacy and security of your data and be transparent about the data we collect about you (our registered users, “Members”), how it is used and with whom it is shared. We have carefully crafted the following Privacy Policy to make it as easily comprehensible as possible to our users. This Privacy Policy applies to, its apps, and other Artistize’s sites, apps, communications and services (“Services”), including off-site Services, such as our ad services and the plugins like “Apply with Artistize” and “Share with Artistize”. This Privacy Policy does not apply to services that state that they are offered under a different privacy policy. We also strive towards using the Platform & its services as a secure and fruitful experience for our registered users.


Artistize brings together artists, artistes, creative professionals & their seekers globally on a single online networking platform AND provides visibility & exposure to the artists and identification & evaluation tools to the seekers.

Our registered users share their information while creating their profiles, portfolios, services, opportunities and other features, engage with Artistize’s network, exchange artwork, opinion, knowledge and perceptions, post and view significant content, learn and explore matter regarding business and career prospects. In general, you can visit and view content and data regarding some of our features being a non-registered user (“Visitor”) or without revealing any personal information about yourself.

Artistize recognizes that your privacy is very important and take it seriously. The following privacy policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use and sharing of your personal data when you provide it to us either as a Visitor or as a user of our Services.

What Personal Data We Gather

Information You Provide Us

While using Artistize, at different steps, you will need to provide certain personal information to us:

  • Membership: To register/create an account as a user (“Member”) on Artistize, you need to provide information related to you including your name (first and last), email address, age, sex, location, and work industry & category (and very soon phone number as well). You understand that, by registering (creating an account) on Artistize, we and others will be able to identify you by your Artistize profile. You will also need to provide your credit/debit card details if you purchase certain additional services on Artistize.

  • Identity Data: You may choose to provide additional information on your Artistize profile, such as general descriptions of your skills, specific skills, experience, personal & physical details, educational qualifications and recommendations (given & received). You can also upload portfolios (images, posters, infographics, audio/video files, links, embeds, text files), post requirements (or jobs) and list services you offer, your network (your Artistize friends, individuals that you follow or individuals who follow you), and other information including content. It is in no way necessary for you to provide additional information on your profile; however, more details help you get the maximum from our services, including helping relevant seekers meet desired artists and professionals conveniently; as also providing appropriate customized networking opportunities. The decision on what sensitive information to provide and make public shall be entirely yours. It is advisable that you do not publish or add personal data to your profile that you would not want to be publicly available. You do not need to provide any sensitive personal information like health and genetic data, biometrics, racial or ethnic data, political opinions and sexual orientation, criminal offence details, etc.

Posting and Uploading on Artistize: There are many occasions when you provide information that may enable us to identify you personally ("Personal Data") while using the Services provided by Artistize. We collect personal data from you when you provide, post or upload it to our Services, such as when you fill out a form, upload images / other media files, or submit a resume or upload your portfolio on your profile.

Log File Information

Log file information is reported by your browser every time you access a web page. Therefore, when our services are used by you, our servers automatically record specific information your web browser sends whenever you visit a website. We log usage data when you visit or use our Services, including our webpages, and platform technology (e.g., our off-site plugins), such as when you view or click on content (e.g., videos) or ads (on or off our sites), perform a search, share articles, post a job, explore our services or apply for jobs. We use log-ins, cookies, device information and internet protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify you and log your use.

Transfer of Information from Artistize associated entities

When you use a link to go from our Services to another website, we receive information about your visits and engagement with the services provided by others that include our plugins, ads, cookies or similar technologies.

Your Location Data

We have access to the information relating to your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and add-ons, device identifier and features, and/or ISP or your mobile carrier. We can track from which website you landed on to our webpages and on what page you are going next whenever you visit or leave our services (including our plugins or cookies or similar technology on the sites of others).

We will also have access to your location provided by your mobile device in case you are using our services from a mobile device. This is dependent on your phone settings and your due permission shall be taken before using your phone’s GPS or other tools needed to identify your exact location.

Google Analytics and Other Similar Tools

We use cookies and other tracking technologies (e.g., Google analytics, Google tag manager, Google web master tool, device identifiers and Add This Plugin) to recognize you and/or your device(s) and to track information about activity on the website; on, off and across different Services and devices. Some others are also allowed to use these cookies. They can however be controlled via your browser settings and related tools. You may choose to block cookies with your browser, but if you choose to erase or block cookies, you will have to re-enter your user ID and password to gain access to certain sections of the web site.

Sending Messages on Artistize

Whenever you communicate using our services, we collect certain information regarding the communication made. We track your activity and notify you to act upon in case you have not responded to those services such as friend requests or profile completion. We also use automatic scanning technology on messages.

Your Rights Regarding Data Collection

When we collect certain data from you, you have the rights to opt-out of providing information you don’t want to share with us.

In the process of using our services, content might be posted by you or other Artistize users that comprises information about you (as a component of articles, posts, comments, images, videos). Therefore, to better the user experience, we continuously gather public information related to you, such as your accomplishments and profession-related news in order to make it available as part of our Services (e.g. suggestions for your profile). Since your data's security is our priority, you can always opt-out and restrict the use of your Personal Data.

Artistize receives personal data about you when you use the services of our customers and partners, such as employers, prospective employers and applicant tracking systems providing us job application data.


We are an ever evolving platform and to improve our services, we often introduce new features which shall provide scope for collecting new information and updating your existing personally identifying information. You shall be duly notified in case we collect materially different personal data or change how we use the data provided by you. This might also lead to changes in this “Privacy Policy”.

Data Usage, Retention And Erasure

We use your data to provide you the Services, help provide customer support and personalized features customized according to your interest and behavior pattern and also to safeguard the protection and security of the Services.

The data provided by you is used in a manner that caters to a legitimate interest (which complies with your data protection interests), such as for research and development, and to market and promote effectively the Services we provide (e.g. the data provided by you is used by our automated systems to provide you information and content relevant to your interests).

Providing, Updating and Maintaining our Services

We use your data to authorize access to our Services.

  • We use your information to deliver the Services you have requested, including, for example, registering you as a user, managing your account and profile, helping you stay in touch with colleagues, partners, clients; explore career opportunities, collaborate with clients, and authenticating you when you log in.

  • For keeping you updated on the latest news and events regarding the professional space, we use the data you provide.

  • For our talent-related Services, this also includes, for example, searching for relevant jobs, including you in search results, and appropriately matching your skills and interests with available opportunities on the Site, all your data is tracked and considered.

Information Provided to Advertisers

We use certain information in order to appropriately target and measure the performance of the ads regarding the members, Visitors and others both on and off our Services directly or through a variety of partners.

  • We use data from relevant technologies on and off our Services, like Google analytics, Sendgrid, Google web master tool, Google Adwords, Google tag manager, AddThis Plugin, cookies, web sessions, social Log-Ins and device identifiers;

  • We use user-provided information to customize and target the ads well (e.g., profile, contact information, title and industry);

  • We use data on your use of our Services (e.g., search history, content you read, posts you like, who you follow or is following you, connections, links you click, videos you watch, ads you click, etc.);

  • We have access to the information from advertising partners and publishers;

  • Information implied by analyzing the data described above (e.g., using specialization from a profile to infer skillset, experience to know seniority, and education to infer applicability for specified jobs) is also used.

We may show you certain ads or sponsored content. If you take an action (such as like, comment or share) on such promoted content, your action with your name may be viewable by others, including the advertiser.

We do not provide your personal data to ad providers except for (i) hashed or device identifiers (since it is referred to as personal data in some countries); (ii) with your prior permission or (iii) already visible data (e.g., profile). However, the advertiser will get a notification in case you clicked on an ad and they may through certain mechanisms determine it is you. In such cases, it is advisable that you contractually mandate such advertising partners to obtain your prior, opt-in consent.

Research and Development to improve Services

We use customer feedback for our research and development in order to improve user experience, better networking facility and business growth.

We use the personal data of users to identify trends like opportunities available and skills needed for these assignments. In order to expand our services, user base and promote the business, we use data and content about Artistize users.

We also use information related to you to produce average or aggregate insights for the purposes of surveys, identifying patterns or to generate statistics about the users, etc. These aggregates do not identify you but include a wide range and variety of users.

Communication Rights

We contain with us the right to use your contact information to connect with you via email, mobile phone, notices, messages to your Artistize inbox, and other ways through our Services, including text messages and push notifications. These messages could include messages regarding but not limited to our services, promotional messages, security, updates, reminders or suggestions. Your communication preferences can be changed at any time. You cannot opt-out of receiving certain service messages from us, including security and legal notices.

Premium Services

Premium Services of Artistize will allow paying users with highly specialized tools and personalized support in their user experience as part of our business solutions.

Customer Support

We can use the data provided by you to resolve technical issues you encounter, to respond to your requests for assistance, comments and questions effectively.

Security Measures

Artistize may use information to help identify potentially fraudulent or illegal activities, and to protect individuals from activities that may be detrimental to you or others. We may investigate and disclose information about you or of your use of Artistize if such investigation or disclosure can help avoid or identify possible wrongdoings or other violations of our Terms & Conditions or this Privacy Policy and/or attempts to harm our Members or Visitors.

How We Share Your Personal Data

Your personal information is shared by us to serve you better at every step.

Our Services

Personal Data you choose to add to your profile will be available for public viewing on the Site. You can customize the settings depending on what information you want to maintain public.

You can post, like, comment or share information and data on Artistize. This and other related data like the articles you share, images you post, people whom you become friends with on Artistize, posts you like, or any information that you share on the webpages of Artistize shall be viewable to people who visit those pages or come across any message to which you have responded. All these social actions you take on the website will be available for viewing by the public.

Other Services

When you link your Artistize account with other services, your personal data will become available to them. For example, you may link your Facebook or LinkedIn account to share content from Artistize into these other services.

Depending upon the settings, sections of your profile may appear on services of others like search engine results of your name may show your Artistize profile link.

Information Sharing with Affiliates and Third Parties

In order to better our services, we may share your information with our affiliates. Different services covered under this policy shall be combined internally so that the services provided by Artistize prove to be more relevant and useful for the users. For instance, the content on your Artscape could be filtered according to your browsing patterns on Artistize. The jobs and services recommended could be modified to suit your interests.

We use third parties (e.g., maintenance, analysis, audit, payments, fraud detection, marketing and development) to help us provide certain specialized Services. Our lawyers, accountants, bankers, auditors, insurers, marketing and fraud detection service providers might review from time to time your personal information to help with services such as consultancy, banking, insurance, accounting, legal compliance, and similar services. These parties are obligated to keep all the information gained from Artistize as private and in no way use the information for any purpose whatsoever.

Information disclosure in case of change in Control or Sale

As we are an ever-evolving business, we might buy or sell businesses or assets in the near future. In the event of any such corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, we may also transfer or share your Personal Data as part of the transferred assets without your consent or notice to you. Any such party, with whom your personal data is shared shall have the rights over your information in the manner set out under this policy.

Legal Disclosures

Artistize may disclose your Personal Data if we believe it is necessary to comply with a law, regulation, order, subpoena, rule of a self-regulatory organization or audit or to protect the safety of any person, to address fraud, security or technical issues, or to protect our legal rights, interests and the interests of others, such as, for example, in connection with the acquisition, merger or sale of securities or a business (e.g. due diligence).

Artistize shall take every step to notify the members about any such disclosure demands whenever significant, unless the disclosure is prohibited by the law. We shall, in order to ensure security of our users, dispute such demands whenever these seem vague or without required authority. We cannot however ensure such debate for every disclosure demand.

Objectionable Content

Whether you are a seeker or an artist, you warrant that you will not use Artistize services for any illegal, discriminatory, objectionable or fraudulent purpose. You shall not create any content which is illegal, discriminatory, abusive, defamatory, obscene, prejudicial to religious sentiments or otherwise contains sexual, ethnic, racial or other discriminating content.

Escort Services

Artistize does not promote or allow advertising or registering users who provide escort services or any other related services. If any such account or portfolio is found on our websites, they will be immediately deleted and legal action might be taken if deemed necessary.

Obscene Content

Artistize does not allow posting of explicit / obscene images or other media files and in case any user is found to practice the same, the user may be liable to the damages and loss caused to Artistize or any person / firm and would be punishable under the norms of government regulatory system. Artistize in any case does not hold responsibility or is liable in such instances.

Nudity and Objectionable Content

On-screen nudity in professional setups like modelling, is arranged well before with a closed set and approved staff only. You are advised to ensure the role, agreement, place as well as modest facilities are available during shooting.

If you receive any kind of request via Artistize calling for an audition that involves nudity, you must immediately send us the details of such talent seekers at Artistize does not promote or facilitate in any such kind of auditions.

Please use caution and common sense when using the site. has no control over the quality or legality of the art listed the truth or accuracy of the listings or any other information provided by a user. Please intimate us in case you find any content objectionable or illegal and we will do our best to verify and take suitable action. You understand that you, and not, is responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from your computer to us or any other user and it is your liability to use the website for lawful purposes only.

Content Prejudicial to Religious Sentiments

Users must not create or send any content which hurts or is prejudicial to any religious sentiments. Artistize does not promote, support or is against any religion. All its websites are meant for global audience, never taking into consideration an individual’s religion.

Whether you are a seeker or an artist, you understand and agree that Artistize does not have any obligation towards content posted by any user on its websites. However, all the complaints received regarding the content on Artistize shall be taken very seriously and immediate remedy shall be offered.

Your Rights On Information Provided

How long we store your personal data

Your personal information is in our direct possession while you have an Artistize account or as is needed to help provide our services.

We collect data from you when you create an account, make any inquiry or use any of our services. Until you decide to close your account, we shall retain your information and your account shall not cease to exist even if your account is accessed once in few years.

Rights over Your Personal Data

You will be given the choice to make your data private or public when you create your profile on Artistize. You may adjust this at any point by editing your privacy settings on Artistize, deleting or correcting specific data you entered and controlling the visibility of your activities.

You can modify the personal data that we have about you:

  • Delete Data: Artistize users are able to edit and delete most of their Personal Data on the Site, and if you have any queries or complaints we encourage you to contact us. You may also make a formal request to delete your Personal Data held by Artistize. You can ask us to erase or delete all or some of your personal data at any point of time if you feel such data is not important in providing you with our services.

  • Change or Correct Data: It is always possible to edit or update your personal information in few easy steps. We shall be available to help you change, update or fix your data in certain cases, especially if it’s flawed.

  • Object to, or Limit or Restrict, Use of Data: You possess the rights of rectification, objection, restriction, access, portability and deletion of your personal data.

  • Right to Access and/or Take Your Data: You can ask Artistize for a copy of the personal data in our possession related to you. There may be in certain cases, a charge for subsequent requests from the same individual, which will be determined by Artistize and eventually imposed upon the individual.

For the same, you can contact us according to your convenience.

Additionally, while you share any image/video or update on the Artistize Artscape, you’ll find an audience selector tool where you can select who you want to share your post with. In case you select “Public”, your post shall be available for viewing to everyone who chooses to visit Artistize. By selecting public, you agree for the information entered to be used by Artistize and its affiliates and by anyone who wishes to do so. Though we try our best to protect the data you enter, remember that Artistize is under no obligation to protect the content shared by you under the “public” option.

Account Closure

In a case where you choose to close your Artistize account, your personal data on our services will cease to be visible to others within 24 hours of your request. Closed account information is usually deleted within 30 days of account closure except as noted below.

In situations where it becomes necessary to retain your personal data to fulfil our legal obligations, settle disputes, adhere to regulatory framework, ensure safety, prevent fraud and abuse, execute our user agreement, or deliver your request of not receiving any further messages from us (unsubscribing), it is ensured that your data is retained securely with us. However, we do retain specific de-personalized information even after the closure of your account.

Data or information shared personally by you with others (e.g., through group posts or personal chat messages) will be visible even after your account has been closed and the information on your profile and in your messages been deleted. It should also be noted that Artistize does not control or manage data that other users copy out of the services of Artistize. The source of the content posted by you will show unknown user and your profile might continue to be displayed in the services of others like search engine results of your name might result in the display of your Artistize profile link, until the cache of the user is refreshed.

Miscellaneous Information

Security Features

Artistize uses industry-standard physical, managerial, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. We use safeguards like HTTPS and regularly keep a check on our systems in order to prevent them from possible security threats. We cannot, however, ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to Artistize or guarantee that your information on the Services may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by a breach of any of our physical, managerial, or technical safeguards.

Privacy of Children

As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, when we talk about the “Minimum Age”, we mean-

  1. 18 years old for the citizens of the People's Republic of China.
  2. 16 years old for the citizens of Netherlands.
  3. 14 years old for the citizens United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and South Korea.
  4. 13 years old for citizens of all other countries.

Your registration on website requires your age to be not below 13 years and if any user or their parents/guardian happens to find out that their child is not adhering to the age limit and misusing the website, you are requested to contact our support team and request deletion of the account. We purposely do not collect information of child other than that provided and are not liable to any consequences that arise from the misuse of our Website and Services.

Being a child artist below 13 years, if any child wants to create his/her Artistize account, his/her account will be under parental guidance and will be operated by parent/guardian of that child.

Though, parent or guardian may sign in on behalf of their children, normal registration with some extra information is required for signing up the website. Your data will be kept confidential. You are requested to not provide details or make them public which may locate your child in terms of places, contact numbers etc. You may hide contact details and other private details according to your will using privacy settings in our Website. We request you to upload photos of your children in a set up that is appropriate at their age and is current. It is your sole responsibility to research about the company or person you are auditioning for and check whether they are at par with the norms associated with such auditions. It is also your responsibility to ensure your safety during an audition. For this, you can Google about the company, take a guardian along with you for the audition, and make sure you read every related contract before signing.

If you have any query about the talent seeker or other users, please feel free to contact our support team. We will be able to help you with the best details in our reach, but the user is requested to not just rely on information provided by Artistize and do a robust verification from their end and verify the seeker or user details before taking any further step. In case of any complaints regarding any seeker, audition or user, you can always reach us using our contact details.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Artistize website and any associated microsites created and hosted by Artistize, and all content on the website (including advertisements, data, text, graphics, photographs, logos, videos and the look and feel) and all intellectual property rights in those (including copyright) are owned by Artistize (or our contributors and other licensors). You must not, and must not permit any other person to, copy, modify, adapt, create derivative works of, transmit, distribute, upload to any site, create a link to, exploit or deal with in any way, any part of the Artistize website or its content.

You are not permitted to use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the name, trademarks and logos of for any reason without our express written permission.

You must access the website via standard web browsers only and not by any other method (such as scraping, deep-linking, harvesting, data mining, use of a robot or spider, automation, or any similar data gathering, extraction or monitoring method) except with our express written permission.


Although we take reasonable steps to prevent the introduction of viruses or other destructive materials to our website, associated microsites created and hosted by Artistize, or on-line service, we do not guarantee that the service or materials that may be available from our website do not contain such destructive features. We shall not be liable for any damages or liability attributable to such features. If you use any materials available through this website, you do so solely at your own risk.

International Data Transfers

Protecting the user’s privacy across countries is important. As we collect and process data both inside and outside India, legally provided mechanisms have been employed to lawfully exchange data across countries. It shall however be remembered that the countries in which we process data have different laws and might not be as protective when compared to the laws of your country.

Legal Bases for Processing

We shall, during different steps in your sign-up procedure, ask for your consent on various Terms and Conditions. Only the data for which you have given lawful bases i.e. consent shall be collected and processed by us. This shall also be applicable in the cases of contracts where you have entered into a legal agreement with Artistize, we shall have access to your information to deliver you with the services requested.

Artistize collects and processes your Personal information on different legal grounds, depending on the nature of the Personal Data being provided and the type of processing involved. Most of the Personal Data processed by Artistize is on the basis that it is necessary for the performance of our services with you. A second ground is that it is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Artistize. In this case, you possess the right to object. In certain situations, we rely on your consent in order to process your Personal Data. Where Artistize requires your consent in order to collect and process certain Personal Data, we seek your consent at the time of provision, and you have the right to decline or withdraw consent for such processing.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions regarding the legal bases on which we collect and process your data.

Direct Marketing

Artistize does not share your personal data with third parties currently for the purpose of their direct marketing without your prior permission.


Infringement of copyright occurs when someone takes either all of your work, or a substantial part of it, without permission. However, there are several exceptions which allow a copyright work to be used without permission. If someone has infringed your copyright you could contact them directly, consider mediation, or seek legal advice. If you decide to take legal action, there are a number of remedies that you can seek from the court.

The infringer can give a promise, known as an undertaking, that they will license the work from you, under terms that you agree. The court can grant an injunction. This means that the judge will make an order to stop the person from using your work. This could also mean having your work returned to you or seizure of any infringing copies.

The court may also award damages. This may be with an order for damages; to restore you back into the position that you would have been in if the infringement had not occurred. Or it may be an account for profits; where the profits gained by the infringer are assigned to the original copyright owner.

Action against copyright infringement can be taken by the copyright holder or someone who has full license of the work. It is also possible to take action against infringement of moral rights. So, even if you have sold your copyright to a publisher, for example, you can still assert your moral rights, such as objecting to derogatory treatment of your work. The court may grant an injunction to stop the person doing the derogatory act against your work.

Artistize may or may not do the due diligence before posting your Copyright art.


We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove parts of this Privacy & Cookies Policy at any time. Hence, we shall post any privacy policy changes on the homepage of the Website or notify you by email.

Contact Information

In case of any complaints or questions regarding our privacy policy, you can always contact us through the e-mail or phone information given on our website.

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