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Anuj Mangal - Dancer

I really liked the idea of Artistize, it's unique. The website is quite good and seems like it's perfectly tailored  for Artists. Filters and other things are totally made by keeping an Artist in mind. The exposure that I am getting through Artistize promotions is quite good. I really liked the designs of the posts, although there is always a scope for further improvement . Thank you Artistize for supporting and helping me to showcase my talent.

Mayank Mangal - Photographer

The layout makes anyone feel  comfortable because it is so well done and clean  looking.  I am able to create services, job post and other things in just a few clicks that indicate that the UX of the website is quite good. Till now, Artistize has done more than 10 promotional posts for me and they are actually making a difference to me and my studio. Thank you Artistize for all your efforts. I really appreciate it.

Nitin Anand - Dancer

I have opted for a paid promotion program and I can totally say that it's much more than what anyone can expect - it made a direct impact on the number queries I am closing. The promotion strategy is highly aligned to the need, and the quality of posts is perfect. Thank you Artistize for being a much needed helping hand.

Kapil Srivastav - Founder - Guitarmonk | Entrepreneur, Publisher & Musician

One of the very important need-of-the-day being addressed by Artistize. All the very best wishes to the Team-Artistize.

Neha Mondal Chakravarty - Bharatanatyam Teacher and performer at Swara Community Arts Center

Artistize is simply a brilliant concept which has now materialized into a product. I am excited to be part of it as an Artist. The platform allows us to quickly gauge volume of coverage and its impact, and locate Artists. Best of all, it integrates a variety of media and entertainment items into one central website, which allows us to be more proactive and frees up time for other tasks. All the best to Artistize; I’ll definitely help spread the word…