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Ajiesh tk

Screen writer| CG- VFX Specialist | Film Maker |Mentor: Creative Media /Concepts

Writers & Poets

Mumbai, India

A Multi –Faceted professional with deep diligence towards Creative products. Finding little or no stress in switching area of focus from Painting to Filming , This is one of the attributes which has helped me to Grow. I don’t remember when I discovered my Innate skills , Only thing I remember is that myself Developing films and printing photos in the Darkroom while I was young at high school .

I spend a lot most of my Career working in Film Graphics, Now I turned to be a CG Supervisor for Film & Broadcast, specialising in Vfx. During my tenure I have developed vast amount of VFX dealing with some of the most sophisticated computer programs to generate state of the art CG Effects models.[Supervisor: Computer Graphics production & VFX /SFX ]

I did also find Interest in Developing Concepts for various sectors, like Web Application programmes ,Film Plots ,Visualising & Mentoring for various visual Media like Film ,Commercials ,Applications, Software /Hardware and other Non Computer Hardware (especially Cameras ).[Inventor of Creative concepts| Visual Media Technology Consultant]

Quick writing skills with innovative concepts derivation has helped me to generate Film Plots and Screenplays for various Productions (Full length Live action & Short Films ).[Plot Developer & Screenplay writer]

Born with Camera in hand and with learned skills from Institutions has helped me to be a Good DOP (Pursuing)/Photo Editor/photographer/Advisor & Critic . Got Invitation to publish works in “International Masters of Photography “[DOP/Photo Editor / Photographer / Critic]

Currently utilising my all associated skills & experience with my modest wisdom in pursuing as a Associate Film Maker , I’m constantly looking for other Directors to work/collaborate.[Film making]

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By: Ajiesh tk
Ajiesh tk

Skill Board

Writers & Poets


Expertise II

SKILLS  |  India

January, 2013 - January, 2013

Computer Graphics VFX ? Concept & Plot Development ? Screenwriting ? Creative Technology ? Film Production ?Photography ? Documentaries ? Creative Visualization ? CG Special Effects & Simulation Specialist

Scripting?Story-boarding ? Filming?Film Direction?Editing ?Lighting ?Digital Special Effects



Subconscious Re-engineering  |  India

February, 2012 - June, 2013 (1 Year 4 Months)

Subconscious Re-Engineering ,Brainwave Technology ,Scientific Meditation , Hypnosis , Past-Life Regression Therapy.

I provide Custom Made Brain wave Audio Entertainment with Hypnosis and Subliminal/Supriminal Instructions. Custom Made Video with Visual Subliminal Instructions with Binaural Tones and High Frequency silent subliminal .

A/V Technology for Sleep induction ,Lucid Dreaming ,Past Life Regression .
Simplified Law of Attraction Instructional A/V Products .

Practical Introduction to Telekinesis with A/V Technology /Scientific Meditation .

Contact me on My Email .


FLUID DYNAMICS - RealFlow, Maya Fluids

FLUID SIMULATION SPECIALIST [ Real Flow & Maya Fluids]  |  India

January, 2012 - January, 2015 (3 Years )

Available on Contract /Freelance .

Works on Digital Pyrotechnics including Explosions | Implosions | Nuclear and other Destructive science . Crafted skills in Liquid Effects Ocean| Waves | Tides|Tsunami and Other Environmental Disasters like Storms | Twister etc etc .

Contact on my Email to Fix a Discussion .


Roles Undertaken  |  India

January, 2011 - July, 2011 (6 Months)

• Involve, participate actively in in-depth technical & creative discussions with Director, Camera man, Art director, Script writer and other Technical & Creative professionals
• Responsible for generating quality creative products while streamlining production plans
• Adapting to client decisions and changes considering the production ethics and studio culture
• A curious professional with steep learning curve accustomed to technological innovations
• Ability to motivate fellow mates and subordinates while inducing necessary changes in technology (hardware, software) and in creative domains
• Advising clients to opt for various options for the betterment of the quality keeping in mind the feasibility (technical & creative) of the product creation in the studio
• Deriving concepts, approving concepts, scripting in black & white and on looking pre-production .
• Elaborating creative subjects from the pre- production venue to the production crew
• Discuss, Implement creative plans to the technical production crew while descriptively emphasizing on excellence on creating impressively creative products
• Advising production crew on various options in terms of technical feasibility (hardware/software/machines) to derive required products
• Raising systems to peak performance levels through creative and hands-on leadership
• Supervising the production keeping in mind the technical feasibility of the post production setup


More Roles  |  India

June, 2010 - July, 2010 (1 Month)

• Streamlining appropriate quality and feasible outputs to the post production
• Supervising post production activities, interacting with the client & production crew while making decisions on what products to produce where at the required quality keeping in mind the technical feasibility
• Trouble shooting all the technical and creative bottle necks in the whole production without disturbing the client satisfaction or compromising the crew moral
• Advise, accompany the client on various editing issues and to on- look the editing procedure to generate the impressively superior output
• Attention to details and quality delivery at optimum time span
• Effectively working with a wide and diverse range of staff from varied cultures, fostering a cooperative work environment while managing production activities.
• Devising effective strategies and practical/cost-effective implementation plans to address identified issues and help deliver added business value.

Professional Achievements


June, 2003 - August, 2011 (8 Years 2 Months)

• Extensive experience in contributing for more than 20 Indian films plus few international films & broadcast
• Developed plots & written full length feature film screen plays
• Invented concepts for web applications like “ WillbBox “
• Credentials of being invited to publish works on “International Masters of Photography “
• Recognized for being a specialised in photo realistic portraits, contemporary & abstract art


Mentor: Creative Media | Inventor: Concepts| CG Supervisor|Screen Writer | Film Maker |

Apparent  |  Mumbai, India

January, 1999 - Present


CG software Skills
Auto-Desk Maya, Adobe After Effects ,Adobe Photoshop, Blast Code, Real Flow, DNT Arête, Glue 3d, All Other Miscellaneous PC Programs and Applications.

Specialized VFX Skills
CG Visual Effects ,Fluid Dynamics, Particles & Dynamics, Various Simulations, DNT Arête & paint effects, Advanced Lighting, Mental Ray ,Render & Optimization

Currently working on Live action Film Script (English Color)

“The Last Dragon & The Battle of covens “
"Ekta" (Hindi/Eng)
Other works:
“Amy “
“Babes of 1980’s “
“Justin’s Little Devils “


Specialised in People/Culture/Travel/World/Product, Issues & Causes .Received invitation to publish works on “International Masters of Photography “

Specialised in Photo realistic Portraits, Contemporary Art and Abstract Art


Legend of the Arad :VFX /FX Lead (Los Angels –online consultation)
What Comics Entertainment VFX HEAD Artist (Los Angles –online consultation)
St Alberts ToonSkool Head Lecturer for Visual Effects/Photography
Robert BOSCH India CG Supervisor (Banglore/Coimatore- India) –april 2008
What Comics Entertainment Sr FX Artist (Los Angles –online consultation) -partime
Archivision VFX Supervisor (Dubai-UAE) consultation- Aug 2007
Ariana Telivision Consultant (Kabul,Afganistan) 26 sept 2006
Sun Animation Studios :VFX Lead (Chennai) 2nd may 2005
Tata Elxsi : Effects Lead (Bangalore )
Compudyne Winfosys,DAM (Digital Art Media) :Lead VFX (banglore) 29 jan-2003
Colour Chips India Ltd :Dy Manager VFX (Hyderabad) 11 may 2002
Ceeyes Digimage :Sr /Lead VFX (Hyderabad) 3 th nov 1999
Penta Media Graphics : Animator/Sr Animator(Chennai) 1st nov 1997

Expertise & Profound Understanding :

# Scripting #Story-boarding # Filming #Film Direction #Editing #Lighting#Digital Special Effects & Compositing



Apparent  |  India

November, 1997 - February, 2000 (2 Years 3 Months)

SINBAD ‘Beyond the veil of mists’
RAAZ (Hindi)
Koi Mil Gaya
Weeble Villie
Aparichithu /Anniyan
Legend of the Arad
The Last Dragon & The Battle of covens

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