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Alan Corne

Musician/Drummer at The Quorn Enterprises


Melbourne, Australia

Who is The Quorn ?

The Quorn is my stage name. It was given to me humorously by one of my teachers as a play on my real name Alan Corne. I am a drummer/percussionist born in Senegal West Africa, who lives in Melbourne Australia.

I have been playing drums professionally for thirty years and have studied both Western and Eastern modalities. I am focused in the digital realm, with my Roland VDrums TD-30 drum kit and my recording studio. I’m a passionate educator and live musician who has developed his own teaching products.

My studio and drumming expertise can be employed for drum sessions, whereby I deliver great drum tracks online tailored to your specific needs,for your project played live.

November 2011 I was one of six drummers chosen to compete in the Australasian finals of the Roland VDrums competition held in Sydney.

World traveled, studied in India, BA in contemporary music,worked for production company "Facing East" in the United States, doing marketing and promotions.

Taught extensively both privately and in music schools. Developed "East meets West Rhythm Workshop" and other teaching products, have written and developed my own drum course and unique methodology.

My goal is to travel the world sharing and tutoring, mentoring drummers and musicians at all level in the form of clinics and workshops. To collaborate with musicians globally on creative and inspiring projects. To secure sponsorship from a wide range of music technology manufacturers and developers. To publish my intellectual property in a variety of mediums. To develop software of my unique methodology. To create and market my Online Sessions business through my website.

Through all these means to engage, mentor, motivate and inspire drummers and musicians from around the globe.

Specialties: Drummer Percussionist, East and Western modalities, using Roland VDrums, Acoustic Kit, assorted hand percussion. Konnokol(South Indian rhythmic language). Ensemble facilitator, educator, speaker.

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Marketing/ Recording/ Administrator

Facing East Production  |  Florida, United States

January, 2005 - April, 2007 (2 Years 3 Months)

Liaison to radio stations for recorded products and agents/venues for live gigs.
Transfer analogue library of lessons with Hari Prasad Claurasia (over 150 hours) to digital medium.
Administrative function relative to company's infrastructure.


Resident Drummer

John Charter Productions  |  United States

January, 1990 - January, 1995 (5 Years )

Part of backing band playing two sold out shows for three seasons at Stepping out theater restaurant which were nominated for the Mo Awards. Backing six singer who impersonated famous stars from Elvis to Prince and Paula Abdul to Madona, it was a lot of fun!


The Quorn Enterprises  |  Melbourne, Australia

November, 1975 - Present

Drummer Percussionist
Writer/Author various books/courses/workshops
Unique rhythmic methodology synthesis of Western syncopation & four way coordination and South Indian konnokol

My Journey to date

Born in Senegal West Africa of French parents, migrated to Australia in 1969. My love affair with music started at age 12, took up the drums at age 14. I fell in love with jazz, fusion, ECM artists and traditional world music’s. Eventually got back to contemporary styles blues, funk, R&B, rock, soul, reggae ETC.

In early 80's took up tabla, fell in love with Kyal, (North Indian classical), and later with the Carnatic music of the south, I also pursued traditions of Sacred Chant and world music, Japanese, African, Indian and Chinese. Played in varied bands of all genders since the late 70's.

I completed a BA of contemporary music in 2003, then traveled the world for 5 years, mainly in Fiji the States and India. Studied under South Indian drumming Masters, Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar in 2005, after which I became involved in Dhrupad and other forms of Sacred Chant as an accompanist for singers.

Back home in 2008 I began an exploration of electronic music, though since the 80's was a big fan of Jon Hassell and Brian Eno. I am now more moved to concentrate on writing, teaching, composing and being an online session drummer. Residing in Melbourne I have set up my pro home studio to do Online Sessions, using my TD30 Roland VDrums kit. Roland VDrums have been my primary instrument since being chosen as one of 6 finalists in the Australasian VDrums competition in 2011.

I am preparing for publishing the sum of my musical journey relative to drumming, in a series of books called "Know your Subdivisions". Coincident with my musical journey has been my spiritual adventure, therefore my orientation towards composition is one that aspires to engender in the listener a connection to source, depth, love and the mystery that lives and breathes us all.

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Bachelor of Contemporary Music-Music Business, Law, Audio

Southern Cross University-Australia


2000 - 2004 (4 year)

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