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Amy Stewart Hale

CEO/Owner at PennDragon Studios and Artist, PennDragon Studios

Art & Craft

Las Vegas, United States

Throughout my career I have developed and mastered many skills including:

Painting (Acrylic, and various Faux-Finish Techniques)

Illustration (Pencil, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Pen and Ink, Marker, Watercolor, and Airbrush)

I am now beginning to explore Computer Graphics and Interactive Multi-Media.

I have worked with and apprenticed under many professional artists during my career, including Jerry Nissen, Nancy Bartush, Ray Shleman, William Alexander, Jr., Paul Michael Alexander, and William Harris. I value every bit of knowledge that I have found, been given, and continue to gain on this journey of Life and Art.

Specialties:My specialties are in Acrylic Painting, Airbrush, Illustration, Murals, and Faux Finish.

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By: Amy Stewart Hale
Amy Stewart Hale, Designer

Skill Board

Art & Craft



PennDragon Studios  |  United States

January, 1990 - Present

I am a working professional artist that has owned and operated PennDragon Studios since January 1990. I incorporated my business in 2005, and my job involves everything it takes to run my company and take care of my clients.

My current focus area in on my Fine Art...I am still available by request for murals and faux finish...Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or are interested in my art.


PennDragon Studios  |  United States

January, 1990 - Present

I have worked as a professional artist through my company since 1990.


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N/A-Graphic Design

Creative Circus-United States

United States

2002 - 2002


High School Diploma-Art

Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls Iowa-United States

United States

1983 - 1987 (4 year)

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