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Anand Doctor

Director AnandMediaHouse

Film & Stage Crew

United Kingdom

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Film & Stage Crew



AnandMediaHouse  |  United Kingdom

June, 2014 - Present

Been videoing since 1985
Videoing & Editing my Radio Shows www.spicefm.co.uk and uploading for 5 years
With my sons, Shish Anand and Pras Anand started this film venture
Sandeep Kapoor, Exec Director SpiceFM
Lalit Sood, Professional Photographer
Gaurav Kapoor, Print Media Expert
And many other experts are available through this platform

Vice President

Tyneside Speakers Club  |  United Kingdom

April, 2014 - Present

Been attending for 3 years to this great tradition of public speaking


Asian business connexions  |  United Kingdom

February, 2014 - Present

The ABC is a thriving organisations over the last 5 years
It links very large businesses with the startups, irrespective of age, race gender


SpiceTrust  |  United Kingdom

July, 2013 - Present

Chariy Portal
July '13 £4580 for Orphans in Uttarakhand, Bharat
Oct '13 3 van loads of clothes to Syria
Dec '13 Food for the Hungry in Newcastle
June'14 - to date Electronic media coverage of Newcastle's objection to bombing of Palestine
Sept' 14 6 day video coverage of West Bank


SpiceFM  |  United Kingdom

January, 2008 - Present

I interview live for 2 hours Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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