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Pune, India

Artistize is a talent display-cum-networking portal that brings together artists around the world (both, performing as well as offstage artists) on a single user-friendly online platform, to make opportunities accessible to the artists and talent available to the seekers (Employers, Producers, Event Managers, Agencies, Parents, Students, etc).

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Miss World, Miss India
By: Artistize Team

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Den Coelho

Greetings... I am American Master Artist. Den Coelho. I woll be opening my First in a series of Fine Art and Tangible Asset Portfolio Galleries. O have a coiple of observations and suggestions. O am an Autistic Savant with several hyper skills. Twelve years I felt the vibration of wjat was happemong in yje artworld. In Ametova it was becomming more and more disparate. There seemed no rhyme or reasons. I then had been listening to NPR radio. What I heardv

October 24, 2017

Saúl Martínez

i Saúl Martínez Recommend to Artistize Team for this good job, keep working¡¡ and never give up¡¡ Saúl Martínez Manada Rebelde

November 22, 2016

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