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Debojyoti Gupta

Independent Music Professional


Mumbai, India

Debojyoti Gupta is acclaimed as one of the most sensitive, brilliant & dynamic sitar player of his generation today.Like his Guru Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Debojyoti Gupta stands out for his exquisite melodic presentation, intricate & sophisticated sense of rhythm & his astonishing flawless instrumental technique, which captures the mind of the listeners from very start to end.
Born into a musical family, Debojyoti Gupta shown an inclination, love & joy towards Music from his early childhood.He started learning vocal music at the tender age of five from his mother Smti. Leena Gupta & simultaneously he was initiate into Tabla, which gave him firm foundation in the Swara & Laya before being groomed into art of playing sitar.
Debojyoti Gupta received his initial training in Sitar from respected Pt.Ramakant Singh in Silchar.He was extremly fortunate when in one of his concert in the year 1990, the renowned personality in our country & internationally famed Sarod maestro, Pt Buddhadev Dasgupta happened to be present & hearing him playing Sitar, Panditji was so impressed that he at once decided to make Debojyoti his disciple & for eight years he got talim from him.
Once again Debojyoti was very much fortunate to be noticed by India's one of the best ever & world famous Sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan of Etawah & Imdadkhani Gharana & Ustadji too noticed tremendous talent in Debojyoti & accepted him as his disciple in the year 2000 & since then Debojyoti is gaining Talim under ustadjis guidence.
A graded artist of AIR & winner of national competition of music by Air,Debojyoti also got national scholarship in Music from Govt of India three times. Debojyoti Gupta is not only a good performer, he is also considered a very very good teacher who has many students both in India & all over the world.Debojyoti gupta also has four Cd 's in his credit.

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By: Debojyoti Gupta
Debojyoti Gupta

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Industry Specialization: Composers

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