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Dorottya Kiss

Creative Entrepreneur/ Cultural Economist/ Art. Director/ General Manager/ Choreographer/ Trainer-Inspirator

Film & Stage Crew

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Besides being a performing artist (BA) 'from origin', I hold a BA degree in Cultural Sciences (incl. a Minor at the Erasmus Sc. of Economics) and two MAs in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship and Arts & Cultural Sciences (Erasmus University of Rotterdam). I love teamwork (‘no man stands alone’) and I’m also addictively passionate about coordinating & managing different projects (with different people) on different levels & from different perspectives (e.g. management / R&D, internal and external communications, logistics). Due to my creative -arts & design-, cultural scientific and business background, I have a broad global network and an intensified eye for detail and people (from different educational and cultural background) without missing and accentuating the whole picture.

My (18y) work experience within many layers of the cultural & creative sector has taught me to adjust to a continuously changing environment and tackle (organizational, financial, psychological etc.) issues with an open mind and a persistent creative approach.

Besides being a continuous entrepreneur I’m also highly interested to collaborate with or work for people/ organisations (whether within the non-, or for-profit sector or within the academic sphere) that seek my contribution on a personal-, organizational-, local-, national-, (EU) or international level.

By the age of 27, after having a more challenging personal life (than an average person under 30) I decided to take matters into my hand. I decided to 'create my own reality' instead. While sharing own experience and knowledge (whether verbally or through movement), I would like to motivate and inspire people in finding a 'healthy body, mind & spirit balance', their own passion, dreams and the tools to achieve their full potential that can make an individual even happier...whatever that may mean...

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By: Dorottya Kiss
Dorottya Kiss
By: Dorottya Kiss
Dorottya Kiss

Skill Board

Film & Stage Crew


Entrepreneur/ Inspirator- Motivator/ B & M Trainer-Coach

Re-FRESH.life  |  Amsterdam, Netherlands

January, 2015 - Present

When we take the time to create deeper self-awareness, we create the space needed to lead more fulfilled, successful personal and professional lives. reFRESH!

"A unique experience for women by women" - Are you up for a special workshop/ reTREAT?
Check our agenda / Subscribe & Stay Updated (no matter where you are located in the world): http://www.re-FRESH.lif " target="_BLANK">www.re-FRESH.lif e Or contact re-FRESH directly for a private inspiration or a (company/team) workshop info@re-fresh.life

A re-FRESH 1-on-1 session/workshop/reTREAT is a special time, away from your daily routine, to indulge in YOU. re-FRESH creates positive, supportive environments where individuals have the freedom to explore every aspect of themselves, bringing them closer to their own inner guidance, innate body instincts, highest potential and expression. You create your own reality!

“Getting closer to ourselves and making the best of our lives and surroundings (on a personal but also on a business level), involves a creative nevertheless confronting process with our body- mind & spirit. It is however a journey that we should all embark, as without it–I believe- we will never experience our full potential in the broadest sense of the wor(l)d.” –D.E. KISS


Freelance Project Manager - Cultural Economist -Researcher

St. Atelier-Economics of A&C  |  Rotterdam, Netherlands

November, 2014 - Present

The logistics / coordination and execution of research & junior researchers & advisor cultural policy & management. Coordination & further development of the Quality Impact Monitor and the tailor made implementation of it. QIM: 'Measuring the unquantifiable aspects of an organisation- where science meets practice'. (NL & Internat. projects)

Rotterdam Festivals/ Rotterdam Unlimited
The Municipality of Hilversum

‘Stichting Atelier’ is a non-profit foundation concerning with the Economics of the Arts & Culture. ‘Stichting Atelier’ is more than just a consultancy firm with an advisory function. While connecting science and practice, it can mitigate the pressure and the tasks of cultural employee(s) who are repeatedly being confronted with the complex challenges of the current (cultural) economic situation. The foundation has helped many organizations in the current economically challenging atmosphere, to be able to inter alia (re)evaluate and to identify quantifiable and unquantifiable values, and to plan and to execute alternative strategies for financing all with an eye for the organizations’ sustainable future. The foundation is an initiative of Professor Arjo Klamer and Cees Langeveld, both scholars of the Economics of Arts & Culture, senior advisors and cultural practitioners/ entrepreneurs.


Founder/ Director / Research & Development / Corporate Communications & Sales


January, 2013 - Present

The online marketplace for networking & information flow.
Jobs - Buy & Sell - Cultural Projects - Advertisements & Discussions.
http://www.stage2connect.com " target="_BLANK">www.stage2connect.com

BETA testing period: started in March 2014
FREE ADVERT possibility during BETA testing period: advert@stage2connect.com
For other type of inquiry contact: info@stage2connect.com

The MISSION of S2C is to create a global online platform for the performing arts industry:
an online marketplace for networking and information flow. S2C aims to help performing artists, performing arts organisations, related professionals and businesses connect and establish fruitful collaborations and find new (sustainable) opportunities to successfully operate in a changing environment. The platform’s unique filtering option makes the networking process fast, effective and easy to handle. S2C provides a comprehensive and international experience for all members.

• Create profiles
• Promote & Advertise
• Search for jobs & Find employees/freelancers
• Buy & sell goods and services
• Network internationally E.g. Get in touch with potential partners/clients, build collaborations, create partnerships and find new financial recourses
• Discuss PA related matters
• Post and/or get informed about (cultural) projects, programs and events (premier/ tour, festival, subsidy, residency, competition, partnership, sponsoring, announcement)


... on a GLOBAL scale!

Visit: http://www.stage2connect.com " target="_BLANK">www.stage2connect.com
Find us on social media and help us achieve a sustainable future for the global performing arts industry:



Guest Choreographer/ Teacher

Fonty's Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  |  Germany

February, 2011 - Present

Choreographer Fashion Shows & Clips, Model/Dancer (per project)
Vanilia (Fashion)
2006 – 2009

Co-Founder/ Management & Co Creative-Designer

BARDooo Art Works DESIGN & BRANDING  |  Netherlands

January, 2011 - Present

Portfolio: http://www.bardooo.com " target="_BLANK">www.bardooo.com

BARDooo Art Works for your Graphic & Motion Picture Design, Video Editing & Photography.
For companies and also for individuals! For start-ups and for established firms BARDooo provides fresh & creative ideas!

Hot DEALs For SMEs, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs/ Freelancers' ONLINE & OFFLINE Presence.

BAW is specialized within the Cultural & Creative Sector, where affordable but good quality design is a 'must'. Nevertheless we have had clients that operate outside this creative sector but were interested in a more creative/artistic approach (e.g. construction/ building services, consultancy/management etc.).

Especially in economically challenging times, branding and thus the online & offline design of a company is crucial.In order to be more sustainable, organizations & entrepreneurs should focus more on their branding strategies and we are here to help them for a budget they can afford!

Our SPECIALITY includes the creation of:

Logos, (e-)Flyers, Posters, Banners, Brochures, Dossiers, Business Cards, Portfolio Creation, Social Media Design

MOTION PICTURE Design & Editing:
Short Films, Trailers, Teasers, Product Presentations, Demo Video’s, Business / Personal Portfolio Creation, Video Editing, Motion Picture Design, Animation

Indoor, outdoor, at an event or simply for your (product or personal) portfolio

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions!

Please send an email to: contact@bardooo.com
http://www.bardooo.com " target="_BLANK">www.bardooo.com


Teacher, Repetitor

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  |  Netherlands

September, 2006 - June, 2008 (1 Year 9 Months)

Front Office Coordinator
'Kunstcontact' Agency
2007 – 2008 (1 year)

Production Manager
Krater Theater (now: Bijlmerparktheater)
2006 – 2007 (1 year)

Founder/ Artistic Director & General Manager/ Choreographer/ Performing Arts Professional

DeKISSmoves FUSION D.C.  |  Amsterdam, Netherlands

November, 2005 - Present

ABOUT DKM - www.dekissmoves.com
The ‘fusion concept’ of the ‘de KISS moves’ operates within the broadest sense- ‘open-mindedness, respect, creativity and continuity’- which resemble the stimulators for social cohesion and integration.

The ‘de KISS moves FUSION Dance Company’ aims to the fusion of different kinds of dance techniques (academic ballet, folk and contemporary techniques with popular urban dance forms for instance) and music genres (classical, pop, rock, jazz, house and electric music to name a few). The concepts and themes for its creations mainly consist of updating classical masterpieces and social relevant themes (mostly based on the fusion of scientific research and dance art). The ‘de KISS moves’ has a broad network within the educational field (elementary-, secondary school institutions and professional dance academies) and offers educational workshops of multiple levels.

The ‘de KISS moves FUSION Dance Theater Company’ was established in 2005 in Amsterdam and has been operating since 2006 as an official non-profit arts organization. Since 2007, the company is connected to Theater de Meervaart as its ‘home-company’ with Amsterdam as a base. The ‘de KISS moves’ Company manages to cooperate on a continuous base with IMPACT Entertainment as impresario.
After a two year (2005-2007) startup period the company started to grow and managed to realize some considerably big achievements compared to its relatively small size and young reputation within the Dutch dance theatre scene. During its +- 10 years of existence ‘de KISS moves’ had 10 premieres, 10 Dutch National Tours, created 12 new performances, performed far more than 450 times, gave more than 250 educational workshops all around the Netherlands and worked with more than 150 artists from around the world (from which 50% international). The estimated amount of public that ‘de KISS moves’ attracted within its +- 10 year period is more than 100.000 people.

Project & Events Coordinator/ Choreographer/ Jury / Coach

Diverse Projects Europe & U.S.  |  United States

January, 1994 - November, 2005 (11 Years 10 Months)

Project Coordinator/ Events Coordinator/ Choreographer/ Instructor-Teacher/ Coach Performing Arts Professional/ Model/ Jury.
Theatres, TV, different cultural (educational) projects, classes/ workshops, (AHK Theaterschool- Higher Dance Education, Fonty’s Dance Academy Higher Education, 5 o‘clock class pre-dance education, Amsterdam Dance Centre, American Princess Cruises, Vanilia Fashion, ‘Stadsspelen’, ‘Kunstbende’ etc.)

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Master of Arts (MA)-Cultural Economics and Entrepr

Erasmus University Rotterdam-Netherlands


2013 - 2015 (2 year)


Master of Arts (M.A.)-Kunst-en Cultuurwetenschappen

Erasmus University Rotterdam-Netherlands


2013 - 2015 (2 year)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)- Cultural Sociology & Cultural

Erasmus University Rotterdam-Netherlands


2009 - 2013 (4 year)


Bachelor of Art-Performing Arts Professional

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten-Netherlands


1998 - 2002 (4 year)



Gymnasium of the Hungarian Dance Academy-Netherlands


1996 - 1998 (2 year)



Gymnasium of Toldy Ferencz-Netherlands


1994 - 1996 (2 year)



'Elementary School of Torokvesz Ut'-Netherlands


1986 - 1994 (8 year)

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