Mourad Elloumi, born in Tunis on June 27, 1961,International Artist Painter, professor emeritus of visual arts and founder of the "sure-realism". He participated in dozens of exhibitions in TUNIS, ROME, NEWYORK, SAN DIEGO, LOS ANGELES, MANTOVA, LAS VEGAS, VENICE, FLORENCE. In 2017, he was selected as an international artist for the Artist of the Year Award at the Circle Foundation for the Arts. He received an Honorable Mention Award. He was honored by the publication of his art in "Important World Artists II ", the" Contemporary Masters ", the" 100 artists of the future "... He is the author of the book" The Manifesto of a New Sure-Realism ", a work of a theoretical artistic approach, centered on the practice of the plastic writing, he preaches the freedom of the artist whose essential duty would be to conjure the devil of the norm, to reconcile the irreconcilable ones: he chants the hymn of the difference.