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Jemy Varghese

Reduce Your Sourcing Risk And Cost


Bhopal, India

We are a business services company, into the business of Representation Services. We're here to represent YOU. We provide comprehensive representation services for our clients, be it a sales representation, key account management, customer service, collection recovery, or sourcing of raw materials, factory audit, production inspection, supplier verification, laisoning, surveys, data collection, personal inquiries, social media management or any other allied services.

We can help with cost-efficient customer service solutions that doesn't sacrifice the quality of your business. You may have a look at our website to know more about us.

It is not always possible to use your staff to fulfill these functions, because time and travel expenses can mount up. All these services come more cost-effective than sending your own staff. Our expertise extends to every State of India, backed by a network of 40+ supporting staff.


If you just need an idea of costs or if you have a requirement and want to discuss with me about how to find a possible solution; just call me or mail me. I will work with you to find the best possible solution.

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For the betterment of needy by empowering them with knowledge, skills, source of Income

Gifted Minds  |  India

April, 2004 - Present

Non Timber Forest Produces and Sustainable Livelihood Model:

NTFP have been identified as important to rural livelihoods, as an alternative land-use option as well as in fulfilling an important safety-net function although empirical evidence on the latter’s strength is limited. With drastic reduction in the income from minor forest produce, unemployed local people are indulging in illicit felling of trees to sustain their livelihood. Non-timber forest products (NTFP) are emerging globally as a tool for the establishment of sustainable forest communities.

They provide employment to various sectors of society, draw on local expertise and culture, and increase the outputs of forests. Therefore, promotion of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) species, through productivity improvement and value addition is necessary to reverse this trend and to sustain the livelihood of the rural families, who have been dependent on NTFP since ages.

There is a rapidly growing interest in, and demand for non-timber forest products (NTFPs); they provide critical resources across the globe, fulfilling nutritional, medicinal, financial and cultural needs. With the help of :
• Government organizations
• NGOs
• Civil society organizations
• Research groups
• Community based organizations
• Private sector organizations.
Gifted Minds (We - a group of like minded persons) help the needy on the phenology, cultivation, sustainable harvesting, processing, storage, commercial propagation, marketing, policies etc related to different NTFPs.


Grab More Solutions  |  Bhopal, India

March, 2003 - Present


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