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jim sullivan


Commercial Peoples Photo Model - A re-discovered Best Age - English and German speaking humorous Londoner now living in Zurich, with wide commercial photo and fashion model experience. Also in film and theater as actor. Charismatic man with lots of energy, humor,charm and personality.

English und Deutsch sprechender Mann. Best Age Photo Model mit Charme, Persoenlichkeit, Humor und viel Energie. Umfangreiche Erfahrung in Film und Theater und als Darsteller/Schauspieler, Dressman, Fashion und Commercial Photo Model.

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Best ager photomodel

many international companies  |  Switzerland

January, 2010 - January, 2017 (7 Years )

Me - what characters can I represent?
Sophisticated & Elegant Gentleman, Typical Client or Customer, Doctor, Modern Grandad, Dressman, Fashion Model, Professor, Fisherman, Dreamer, Sad Man, Gangster, Crazy Guy with lots of Humor, and many more faces and characters.........

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