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Kapil Srivastav

Founder - Guitarmonk | Entrepreneur, Publisher & Musician


Delhi, India

Kapil Srivastava is founder, director of guitarmonk, a group of companies, running the leading music publishing house in India with specialty in recreational, cultural books and albums with brand name as Guitarmonk Records (GM Records) and Abysm Publication.

He is also an established artist with several awards, also running chain of specialty guitar institutes in Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Dehradun as Guitarmonk. Guitarmonk is building India's first international residential music college in Dehradun (Near Jollygrant Airport) this year, which is the first of its kind in India.

Kapil, an entrepreneur, musician who is lucky enough to turn out his music passion into his profession, an avid music lover with creative and philosophical bent of mind since childhood, who has brought a dominant success in his 'Guitar Revolution' in India for the last one and a half decade.

He is also one of India’s Best Guitarists is awarded and recognized by State Government, Delhi University, Rotary Club, Federation of Public Schools, Amity etc. for his persistent achievements in Music for the last many years.

This Delhi born Guitarist, who has led more than 7000+ Guitar fanatics worldwide in 11 countries is also recognized as one of India’s leading corporate music educationist, have authored 6 Books, with plenty of Album works with Sa Re Ga Ma HMV and other record labels.

As a founder of guitarmonk; he has produced/conceptualized 70+ music albums, 30 music books in different musical domains (other than guitar) including works with legendary artists as Ustad Sultan Khan, Padam Shree Sumitra Guha, and Padam Bhushan Pt. Debu Chaudhuri etc

Experience in Marketing, Concepts, Business Models Development, Live Music Performance.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Music Consulting, Career Counselling, Publishing, Licensing, Authoring, Training, Business-Modelling, Music Performing and Social Volunteering
Guitar Solo - One of India's fastest Guitar Pieces

Guitar Solo - One of India's fastest Guitar Pieces
Chaudhvin ka Chand Ho on Guitar

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Skill Board



Founder & Volunteer

Guitarmonk Social - Movement on Cancer  |  New Delhi, India

January, 2013 - Present

Cancer is spreading like an epidemic in India (Just Like USA). In big cities, it's just like another flu. This is also now very commercialized by big hospitals. What has happened? Is it our lifestyles? Stress? or What? And what after it?

At guitarmonk social, I am raising a many issues on cancer cause. We are making a documentary and a bulletin, which would reach thousands of relative change makers. We are also able to raise funds on same.

Look forward to your participation on same!
Write me at kapil@guitarmonk.com

Chairman @ Guitarmonk Records

Guitarmonk Entertainment (P) Ltd.  |  New Delhi, India

January, 2010 - Present

A Music Record Lable on Definitive Arts


Chairman @ Guitarmonk Records

Guitarmonk Entertainment (P) Ltd.  |  New Delhi, India

January, 2010 - Present

A Music Record Lable on Definitive Arts



Guitarmonk  |  New Delhi, India

January, 2003 - Present


* Guitarmonk - a 360 degree music concept | www.guitarmonk.com

* GM Records Music Record Label with 70+ Albums, 500 + Recordings | guitarmonkrecords.com

* GM Tune Time - representing India's Guitar Tone to Global Guitar Community | www.gmtunetime.com

* Just Dial Music | Any Music Need - Just Dial Music | www.justdialmusic.com

* Guitarmonk Social | Serving Corporate Social Responsibility

* Abysm Publication – Art and culture books

* RasRang | an amalgamation of Indian Folk & Classical Music Series

*Swarang, Swaras, Kayotsarg, Madhuvarsha, Indian Guitaroo, Venudhwani, Suroor

* GM Radio | Indian Music Radio - now part of various facilities and platforms | a 4 to 8 hour therapeutic, ambiance music for office/home premises


* Guitarmonk Corporate | Leaders in Corporate Employees Engagements
* Specialty Curriculum - ROG | a historic program on Raga on Guitar | Now in 11 Countries,
* Guitarmonk CRP | a lifestyle recreation learning for everyone


Guitarist - Performance, Recording, Teaching & Counseling

Guitarmonk  |  New Delhi, India

January, 1996 - Present

Kapil started his music career as a ‘guitarist’ at a very young age of 14 but ventured into music productions, conceptualizing, music education system with a vision to evolve a music concept, learning and a business model that connects the mass.

* Worked for various record labels including HMV Sa Re Ga Ma, T-Series, GM Records, Doordarshan etc.

* Honored as India's leading Corporate Trainer, Performer and Music Counselor by diversified corporate, universities, schools and government including DPS International, Amity, DU, Samsung, HCL etc.

* Designed Ringtones, Gaming Tones, Midis for various Mobile Applications as Reliance, Nokia

* Gave Music for Bollywood and has 3 Albums to his Credits

* Taught thousands of students and won several honors as One of India's Best Corporate Trainer besides winning State Award as Guitarist


Author, Educationist & Career Counselor

Guitarmonk  |  New Delhi, India

January, 1996 - Present

* Authored 6 Books in Guitar

* Designed Music Education System and diversified Training Programs successfully benefited by 7000 students across Globe. (in 10+ Countries)

* Established Music Empowerment Programs for those interested to diversify or choose music as their profession.

* Conducted Music Career Counseling Programs at diversified platforms.

* Others etc..


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