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Mallika Banerjee

Music Education at IGNOU


New Delhi, India


Born in a family dedicated to music Mallika was initiated into Hindustani Classical music at an early age by her mother Smt. Parul Banerjee, a well-known vocalist. After finishing her university education with distinction Mallika became personal disciple of Prof. Krishna Bisht, the eminent exponent of Delhi Gharana, who honed her skills with her keen sense of perfection. Apart from khayal Mallika is equally adept in light classical forms which she has learnt under the guidance of her mother.
Endowed with melodious voice and keen sense of aesthetics her performances are marked for purity of Raga, graceful expressions, well-woven phrases, and smoothly rendered taans. Since her debut performance in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, which propelled her to critical acclaim, she has gone from strength to strength. She rapidly became one of the most noticeable budding artists. Her talent got recognition when she was awarded the “Surmani” title for the year 1990. Dr. Mallika Banerjee has evolved as a matured Classical vocalist who has given many successful performances in India and abroad. Mallika’s vocalism brings out the finest of her gharana. In her renditions raga manifest itsef like the petals of flower. With intense sense of aesthetics she embellishes her renditions with poised Aalap, gamakas, murkis, bol banawat, and varieties of tans which are the hallmark of Delhi Gharana.
After working in All India Radio as Programme Executive for twenty years Mallika has now joined IGNOU as one of the Faculty member in music. She is an approved A Grade Classical Vocalist and an empanelled artiste of ICCR. Apart from of Classical and Light Classical music Mallika is also proficient in Bengali Ragpradhan and Nazrulgeeti.

Awards –
1. Sahitya Kala Parishad scholarship in 1988
2. “Surmani” – By Sur Singaar Samsad, Mumbai
3. “Sangeet Bhushan” – By Society for Action through Music, Delhi
4. “Naadbrahma Shiromani” – By Lok Kala Manch, Delhi

Specialties:Hindustani Classical Vocal
Nazrul Geeti & Bangla Rag Pradhan

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Mallika Banerjee

Skill Board



Music Education

IGNOU  |  India

April, 2009 - Present

1. Developing programmes in Music for Open and Distance Learning as well as regular mode.
2. Post Graduation Students of Hindustani Music
3. Guiding PhD Research scholars.


Assistant Professor

IGNOU, New Delhi  |  India

April, 2009 - Present

1. Co-coordinator of Research programme in Performing and Visual Arts, IGNOU
2. Providing guidence to the research sholars doing PhD in Music
3, Coordinator of the certificate programme in Karnatak Music through ODL mode

Programme Executive

All India Radio  |  India

July, 1988 - March, 2009 (20 Years 8 Months)

Planning, scheduling and executing the programmes of Indian Classical Music

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M.A. in Music, Ph.D. in Music-Music

Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, Delhi University-India


1980 - 2004 (24 year)


PhD-Hindustani Classical Music (Vo

Delhi University-India


1977 - 2004 (27 year)

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