The Valentine week has come. Rose day, proposal day, who gets roses, who does not, how to propose, how to reject, how to accept rejection, love tips by love gurus, items for gift, what melts men and what not. It is endless. So much love is overflowing on social media that you feel suffocated. Love on Twitter, messages on phone on what to buy for love, everywhere and anywhere - everything else becomes meaningless.
To love someone is to put that person above your own self. To protect, to appreciate, to ruminate that person. Love is sacred. Love is intense. What has jewellery or sari got to do with love?
How can anyone teach anyone else how to love? Love is life. Love is breath. It is a sacred emotion. It disturbs me when people casually say, I love you. It has no meaning. It is a degradation of love.
To love a person is to wish welfare of that person. To love a person is to accept the imperfections of that person. To love a person is to surrender your ego before that person. To love a person is to deify that person. When your being is entwined with the being of that person, when two in body become one in soul, then it is love. The desire to be with that person come what may is love. Love requires time. Love requires respect. To love a person is to include that person in your life, in your consciousness and in your experiences.
Forgive me, love is no game. It is no "time pass". It should not be a marketing strategy. Your car, money, position, jewellery and sari has nothing to do with love. If you wish to gift someone something in love, gift your rapt attention, give your prayers, bestow your thoughts and sincerity. Forget planning. Forget moves and counter moves. Love improves one as a person because one learns to put another person above oneself. To love someone fully is an act of courage. It is an act of selflessness.
Love Gyan on social media is anti-love. There cannot be standard Gyan on such a soft, delicate, personal and intrinsic topic like love. Every individual loves in her/his unique way.
Keeping all worldly, brutal, ruthless, scheming, cruel and cunning people in mind, I have to keep the door open as well. Walk away whenever you want. You are free to move on. I can deal with disappointment and pain. There is no tying down. This is just to ensure that if there is wrong entry in my family of friends, the aberration gets corrected of its own. This is an automatic device. Say, go if want to go. If the person goes, s/he was never worth keeping.
Please do not give me Gyan on what is love, how to love and why to apply tricks. Love is no strategy, no trick. The heart has its own logic. Let it go by that. Let each heart sing its own tale of love, longing, and life.
Excerpts from *Too Much Love: Valentine's Repurcussions* Boloji