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Neil Donoghue



Leicester, United Kingdom

My name is Neil Donoghue and I live in Leicester, UK.
I have been self employed since 2005 and have made my living providing freelance IT support along with digital illustration, web, and design skills.
I have been playing the Sitar since 2001, and work as a semi professional musician at weekends performing at weddings and corporate events.
I also teach 1940s Swing Dancing on the odd occasion.

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By: Neil Donoghue
Neil Donoghue, Sitar Player
By: Neil Donoghue
Neil Donoghue, Sitar Performer
By: Neil Donoghue
Neil Donoghue, Youtube Video

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Sitar Player

Self employed  |  Leicester, United Kingdom

January, 2009 - Present

Professional Sitar player since 2009, playing at weddings, functions and corporate events around the Midlands and beyond

IT Consultant

Myself  |  Leicester, United Kingdom

May, 2005 - Present

Hardware and software support and administration of PCs, scanning equipment, email, web, and file servers, in a busy production environment. Hands-on day to day problem solving, plus, training of staff and customers in software and hardware operation. I also provided a telephone help desk service to customers with IT problems.

Digital Illustrator

Myself  |  Leicester, United Kingdom

January, 2003 - Present

Money Box


Shop Staff

PDSA  |  United Kingdom

January, 1996 - January, 1998 (2 Years )

Animal Welfare

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Rawlings Community College-United Kingdom

United Kingdom

1985 - 1987 (2 year)

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