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Rajesh Ali Akbar Khan

Organizing Secretary Baba allauddin Khan Sangeet Samaroh Samiti Maihar



“Music helps me concentrate,”

In Indian music there are ragas. A raga is a certain type of music for a certain period of time. For example, for the morning, one raga; for the evening, another; for the middle of the night, another. Around the clock those ragas are played, but each has its own time. And it is really strange, that if you play the raga that is meant to be played in the early morning, in the evening, it does not create the same climax within you. The same man is playing, but something is missing.
It is just like at sunrise when the birds start singing and the flowers open up. At sunset the birds stop singing, the flowers start closing. Existence is going into rest, so there is a different music for this moment which will be in tune with the whole existence. There is a different tune for the morning Because the sun is rising, your music should be harmonious with the rising energy, the wakening energy of existence.

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Organizing Director

Secratary Baba allauddin Khan Sangeet Samaroh Samiti Maihar  |  India

January, 2012 - Present

Organizing Director

Marketing executive

"Self Employed"  |  India

September, 1995 - October, 2008 (13 Years 1 Month)

Marketing executive


Professional Musician  |  India

February, 1960 - Present

Teaching of indian classical Music, performing artist. Secratary to Baba allauddin sangeet Sammelan Maihar

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The Scholar Mumbai-India

Mumbai, India

1957 - 1968 (11 year)

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