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Samuel Joshua

Music Director/Composer Freelancer Lead Guitarist(Metal/Rock-bands)


Pune, India

15+ years of Guitar playing experience.Rock/ Metal/ Experimental/ Fusion band performer.

(Guitar Composition & Playing Skills): https://soundcloud.com/vedic-ritual-india/vedic-ritual-teaser

Compatible to all the genre’s of music.

(Sample of Fusion Indian Classical/Folk with Rock/ Metal.) https://soundcloud.com/samueljoshua13/world-fusion-indian-classical

Good in Orchestration (Symphony, Chamber & Opera) Background scores (Film and Television)

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By: Samuel Joshua
Samuel Joshua

Skill Board



Guitarist & Composer

Vedic Rituals  |  India

January, 2013 - Present

Compose the Songs/ Arranging and Sequencing


Freelancer Lead Guitarist(Metal/Rock-bands)/Music Director/Composer

Krish Films  |  Pune, India

June, 2010 - Present

Samuel Joshua: Music Composer/ Director/ Song Writer & a (Rock/ Metal) band performer.
1. Guitar Playing Experience: 15+ years. (From the age of 8.) extreme guitarist, also play Sitar & Santoor type music on guitar. I play 28 instruments.
2. Compatible to all the genre’s of music:
3. Good in Orchestration (Symphony, Chamber & Opera) Background scores (except Foley sounds).
Varieties of Songs & Music we compose:
1.Romantic Songs + Romantic Tunes 2.Sweet Melodies 3.Sad Songs + Painful Tunes 4.Sufi Songs+Kavvali Songs
5.Soft Rock 6.Hard Rock 7.Heavy Metal/ Death/ Thrash/Folk/Melodic Death/ BlackMetal 8.Pure Indian Classical 9.Hindustani Folk-Metal 10.Contemporary numbers 11.Bel-lay Dance Numbers 12.WORLD FUSION (World Music)

EXPERIMENTS: Converting all the Indian ragas (Bhairavi, Yaman, Joge, Poorvi, Desh, etc.) into metal riffs & Rock style to influence the youth with Indian tradition Rock Music with brainchild for Band: Vedic Ritual

CURRENT : 1.Commercial Film "Yusuf - A Common Man Will Rise" as Music Director & Line Producer.

PREVIOUS: 3 documentary movies & 2 feature films previously.

1.Worked for TAGORE Festival ALBUM of ' MALLIKA SARABAI'.
2. Worked for MADHUR BHANDARKAR show "Aab Meri Baari" Promotion.
“VEDIC RITUAL” (Indian Classical Vedic Fusion Metal Band)
"ADDICTION" Indian classical fusion band.


Music Director/ Composer

Krish Films  |  India

June, 2010 - January, 2012 (1 Year 7 Months)

1. Designing song lyrics & compositions.
2. Composing background scores.
3. Programming through software.
4. Arranging & Sequencing.
5. Studio takes for various artist instruments.
6. Getting the tracks Mixed & Mastered.

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B.Tech-Biotechnology, Genetic, Plant,

Sam Higginbottom University-India


2004 - 2008 (4 year)



St.Joseph's Senior Secondary School-India


1990 - 2000 (10 year)

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