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Shantha Ratii

Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI); Singapore



Ms Shantha Ratii is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, cultural activist and file maker. She had exclusive training under the most eminent dance gurus of India and Singapore. Ms Shantha Rati is in fact, one of the leading Kuchipudi danseuse today.

Other than directing her energy towards promotion of Kuchipudi through her innovative works and the Antara Foundation which she has instituted for the promotion of Indian performing and visual arts, Ms Shantha has been performing in all major dance festivals in India and abroad to critical acclaim.

The stage is not the only place where she dazzles. She has scripted and directed several TV documentaries. Shantha Ratii’s avant-garde vision continues to extend the boundaries of Kuchipudi and she would now like to dedicate the next phase of her artistic journey to establishing this dance form in Singapore where it is relatively under-represented

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Shantha Ratii, Snow Point
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Shantha Ratii, My Performance
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Shantha Ratii, Kuchipudi Abhan...

Skill Board



Artistic Director

Antara Foundation/ Panavista Productions;Singapore  |  India

January, 2000 - Present

Exponent and promoter of Indian Classical dance - Kuchipudi, Kathakali and Bharathanatyam. Teacher, choreographer, film-maker.

Founder/Artistic Director
January 2015 – Present


Major Performances in India

Performances  |  India

April, 1989 - November, 2015 (26 Years 7 Months)

2015 SPORE - Indian Heritage Centre - Madhuraadipathe
DELHI,- Screening “AND MILES TO FLOW” -Poothana’s Liberation
2014 SPORE - Asia Pacific Poetry Convention
Dance India talk – Etiquette for Dancers, Moksha Katha
MP - Khajuraho Festival
MUMBAI NCPA , – Moksha Katha
2013 SPORE – Kala Utsavam – Behind the Mask lec-dem
CHENNAI,– Aakarshanam – Bharat kalachar - Margazhi Festival
TVM– Aakarshanam – Amma Veedu
2012 CHENNAI – Bharath Kalachar, TVM - Mitraniketan
2011 MUMBAI – Management Conference, Management Institute (ITM)
2010 CHENNAI – Krishna Gana Sabha
2009 MUMBAI – National Gallery of Modern Art
2008 MUMBAI – Yoga Institute “ Yoga-an aspect of dance”, “Best of Mumbai” Festival
2007 DELHI – Dance Festival organized by Indian Trade and Promotion Organisation¬
2006 NAGPUR – Kalidas Festival, MUMBAI – “Nayikas in Indian Classical Dance” for Coho Art Walk & Friends of the Museum, MUMBAI – Akshwani Award Ceremony Celebrations
2005 MUMBAI – Elephanta Dance Festival, MUMBAI – National Gallery of Modern Art. MUMBAI – “ASTA-NAYIKA” by Sangeet Natak Academy, RAJASTHAN – Udaipur City Palace,l DELHI – Vastu Kaushal
2004 MP – Khajuraho Festival of Dance
2003 MUMBAI – Nasscom “Connect”
2002 CHENNAI – Dance and Music Festival, CHENNAI – Film Fare Award Ceremony, MUMBAI – Elephanta Dance Festival, MUMBAI – National Centre for the Performing Arts, MUMBAI – Infinitely Achyuta , KERALA – “Swaralaya”
2001 MUMBAI – Kuchipudi Festiva, MUMBAI – National Gallery for Modern Arts, DELHI – Habitat Centre
1999 MP– Khajuraho Festival of Dance
1992 CALCUTTA – Kuchipudi Festival,DELHI, BLORE – Nrityotsav by Sangeet Natak Academy
1991 BLORE – Inauguration of Nrityagram
1990 DELHI – Kamani Auditorium, DELHI – Sahitya Kala Parishad
1989 DELHI – “Sangeet Nritya Samaroh”organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations,
DELHI – Triveni Kala Sangam

Innovation and Experiments

Innovation and Experimentation  |  India

February, 1989 - November, 2012 (23 Years 9 Months)

• Performed “Behind the Mask: Kathakali”- Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts - SINGAPORE
• Performed "Sourabhham : Fragrances in Kuchipudi" at National Centre for the Performing Arts - INDIA.
• Performed “New Currents in Kuchipudi” at Kalanidhi International Dance Festival - CANADA.
• Interpret contemporary poetry through Indian Classical dance for Coho Art Walk at National Gallery of Modern Art - INDIA.
• Presented “Heroines in Indian Classical Dance” for Friends of The Museum and Coho Art Walk and at National Gallery of Modern Art - INDIA.
• Jointly choreograph and perform in four classical dance styles the immortal poem “Madhushala” for the Akashwani Award Ceremony – INDIA.
• Jointly choreograph and perform in “Ashta Nayika”, a project of Nehru Centre, encompassing seven classical dance styles of India - INDIA.
• Commissioned by NASSCOM to do a show “Connect” Mumbia where technology meets tradition, using classical dance- mudras, rhythm, Sanskrit shloka – INDIA.
• Commissioned by Times of India (360 degrees) to do opening act for FilmfareAwards-South 2002 “Rhythms in Motion” - INDIA.
• Reviving the dance drama tradition of Kuchipudi – “Bhama Kalapam” with spoken dialogue and sutradhar or story-teller for ‘Swaralaya’ - INDIA.
• Choreographed, scripted and directed a dance and theatre production – ‘Writings on the Wall’ SINGAPORE
• Performed in Babylon Festival of Arts, Baghdad, IRAQ. Choreographed "Confluence” to Oud music, by musicologist and performer Munir Bashir - IRAQ.
• Commissioned to do “Designs in Dance” by Archeological Survey of India and Surabhi Foundation - INDIA.
• Presented paper on “Sanskrit text in performing Arts of India – Shastra & Sampradaaya” at International Sanskrit Conference - THAILAND.
• Presented "Infinitely Yours, Atchyuta" - verses from Bhagwat Gita on character building - INDIA.
• Presented "Splendours of Kuchipudi" choreographed for Kartik Purnima (Festival of the Autumn Full Moon) - INDIA.


Major Performace Abroad  |  India

February, 1973 - November, 2010 (37 Years 9 Months)

2010 SINGAPORE – “Behind the Mask: Kathakali”, Kalaa Utsavam
2009 TAKAYAMA, JAPAN – Choreographed and presented “Nrityanjali” with 29 students
SINGAPORE – “Aalam”, Kalaa Utsavam
2007 MANCHESTER, UK – Milap Festival ¬
2006 TORONTO, CANADA – Kalanidhi International Dance Festival
LONDON, UK – Nehru Centre
2005 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Sutra Theatre
BAKU, AZERBEIJAN – “New Directions in Kuchipudi”
1999 SINGAPORE – “Writings on the Wall”
1991 BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Babylon Festival of Arts
1982 SINGAPORE – Singapore Arts Festival¬¬¬
1972 ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – Adelaide Festival of Arts

Research, Scripted, Production

TV and Film Making (US)  |  United States

February, 1973 - November, 2010 (37 Years 9 Months)

Researched, scripted and produced for TV in USA:
• “Hamsanaama” series of Indian miniature paintings
• "Photography” works of Raghubir Singh
• “Asian Immigrant Problems” in the tristate area of New York
• “Asian Children’s Outreach Programme”
• “Malavika Sarukkai and her Art

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