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Shruti Vijay

Breakfast host, Executive Producer at 92.7 Big Fm, Voice Artist, Writer


Bangalore, India

Been in radio for 9 years, started off as a night show jock with Dr.Love and then moved on to the mid morning show Bombat Bhama. Did the early morning timeband Filter coffee and the weekend show "Mirchi Top 20" all for Radio Mirchi 98.3fm.

Now I'm currently on the Air hosting the No. 1 Breakfast show “Big Coffee” for 92.7 BIG FM , Bangalore’s No.1 radio station. And you bet I'm one of the top players in this game

Also as the Executive Producer for the Station, I
•Develop new and existing radio programs, including premise, format, hosts, themes.
•Identify and manage talent and production staff for programs.
•Collaborate with peers in the execution of programs.
•Develop and maintain relationships with programming partners.
•Oversee all production and editorial aspects of programs.
•Create vision for on-air imaging package to brand the station through production.
•Work closely with staff to communicate and instill vision of station and expectations for programming.
•Develop and maintain relationships with key contributors, both
current and potential.
•Manage program staff and administrative duties
•Collaborate with hosts to identify and articulate the vision for the programs.
•Supervise annual budget associated with program
•Work with Marketing, Public Relations, Web Content and other departments, to develop and manage pertinent goals for programs.
•Supervise producers and radio jockey’s working on related content.

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Executive Producer

92.7 Big Fm  |  India

August, 2010 - Present

1 project

Morning Radio Presenter

BIG 92.7 FM  |  India

May, 2008 - Present

Hosting the city's highest rated # 1 breakfast show "Big Coffee" between 7am and 11am mon thru sat.

Radio Presenter
Radio Mirchi
February 2006 – April 2008 (2 years 3 months)

Radio Jockey

Radio Mirchi  |  India

February, 2006 - April, 2008 (2 Years 2 Months)

# Plan, monitor and make scripts for the shows in line with the brand proposition.
# Identify, coordinate and invite guests and celebrities.
# Do voiceovers for commercials, promos, station IDs and all other programming constituents.
# Make promos / commercials etc under the supervision of the promo producer as and when required.
# Generate ideas for special events or specific days.
# Generate ideas for contests and other monetizable opportunities.
# Train new Radio Jockeys to ideate and plan the shows and guide them to carry out shows.
# Script copies for commercials, promos, station IDs etc when required.
# Regularly track, monitor and analyze competing radio channels for music trends, content, show format, specials etc.Identify competition’s weaknesses and strengths, compare with own shows and initiate improvements.
# Develop special effects and hot keys for use in own programs / use of other Radio Jockeys.
# Contribute to interview questionnaires / content of shows.

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BFA-Graphic Arts

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath-India


2001 - 2006 (5 year)

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