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Sulekh Ruparell

Director at Tabla Works Ltd

London, United Kingdom

Sulekh is a professional Indian classical musician with over 20 years of performance experience.specialising in Vocal, Harmonium and Tabla.

He is producer of Tabla Works (www.tabla.co.uk), an e-commerce venture that seeks to enhance the reputation of Indian music globally by offering professional downloadable lesson courses and high quality instruments for sale.

Tabla : A Beginner's Course, produced by Sulekh, was made available in April 2015. It is a set of 10 simple, easy-to-follow and enjoyable Tabla lessons that can be downloaded to any device and which allows a person to learn the art of Tabla playing from scratch. Together with the lessons, a special offer package that includes a Tabla set with all accessories is available for purchase and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Tabla Works on youtube is


Sulekh is also the producer of 'Nirakar'? (www.nirakar.com), an innovative and unique Indo-Jazz band, which blends classical melodies of the Indian sub-continent (Ragas) with contemporary western jazz. More recently, Nirakar have expanded their repertoire to include old and new bollywood songs with jazz improvisations. Ideal for special events, weddings and corporate functions, Nirakar are a hugely experienced band that have played at a number of prestigious venues over the last 5 years such as The House of Commons, Blenheim Palace, The National Theatre, The Dorchester Hotel and the Inner Temple. Listen to Nirakar on youtube


Sulekh's personal portfolio can be found at www.sulekhruparell.com.

Sulekh also plays Tabla in The Mehfil Band, a professional Bollywood and Ghazal trio that specialise in playing at Weddings, Mehndi parties, special events and corporate functions. You can view their youtube promo video here


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Tabla Works Ltd  |  London, United Kingdom

January, 2013 - Present

Tabla Works seeks to enhance the development, growth and status of Indian classical music by providing professional downloadable Tabla lessons and high quality Tabla for purchase anywhere in the world.

Eastern Music Company
January 2004 – December 2013


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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)-Law

UCL-United Kingdom

United Kingdom

1994 - 1998 (4 year)

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