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Tanya Gupta

Freelance Makeup Artist, Model and Celebrity Management

Hair & Makeup Artists

Dehli, India

Working in the industry as a makeup artist and model manager and its been three years where i have conducted events, provided models, celebrity management and wedding management, preferably hold onto projects and then assemble things according whether its makeup or production work. Everything can be co-ordinated because of the team that i hold on to.

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By: Tanya Gupta
Freelance Makeup Artist, Model...

Skill Board

Hair & Makeup Artists

Industry Specialization: Personal Services

Makeup Artistry Event Management Public Relations Film Production Microsoft Office Creative Writing Communication Styling


Production Manager and Makeup Artist

Magnum Mediaworks  |  Dehli, India

January, 2015 - December, 2015 (11 Months)

I was handling the management related to the models and setup of the studio. Makeup was the primary factor because of which i was there. I have worked as a freelancer because of which i have the capability to hold onto any particular projects too and have entire knowledge related to it.

Freelance Makeup Artist

Freelancer  |  Dehli, India

March, 2014 - Present

Makeup is the only vitality that keeps a person up to date and to make that happen i am here. I always want a person to look as beautiful and appealing after the procedure of makeup.

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Intermediate-Business/Commerce, General

Saint vivekanand-India


2004 - 2012 (8 year)

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