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Vijender Bora

Singer-Songwriter at Freelancer


New Delhi, India

Hi, I'm Vijender Bora. I love the number 10. I was born in February on a love day of my life. I like imagining what life was like hundreds of years ago. My favorite thing in life is writing about life, specifically the parts of life concerning love. Because, as far as I'm concerned, love is absolutely everything.

I'm easily excited, thrilled, scared & shocked. I'm 24 now, but I never stopped jumping up & down when something wonderful happens. My biggest fear is getting bad news. Or, letting someone down. I really love showing people what I meant when I wrote a song, so my shows are very theatrical. I knock on wood constantly. I'm a Sagittarius. I think that means I'm always looking for something new. I love bright colors & things that make reality seem more whimsical than it is. I over-think, over-plan & over-organize.

These days, I've been trying to classify my thoughts into two categories: "Things I can change," & "Things I can't." It seems to help me sort through what to really stress about. I write songs about my adventures & misadventures, most of which concern love. Love is a tricky business. But if it wasn't, I wouldn't be so enthralled with it. Lately I've come to a wonderful realization that makes me even more fascinated by it: I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to love. No one does! There's no pattern to it, except that it happens to all of us, of course. I can't plan for it. I can't predict how it'll end up. Because love is unpredictable, it's frustrating, it's tragic & it's beautiful. And even though there's no way to feel like I'm an expert at it, it's worth writing songs about more than anything else I've ever experienced in my life.

I think it's important that you know that I will never change. But I'll never stay the same either. Must be a Sagittarius thing. I'm pretty stoked that you read this whole thing. I commend you for that. Thank you! I love you like I love sparkles & having the last word. And that's real love.

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Skill Board



Training & Development

CRY  |  India

May, 2014 - October, 2014 (5 Months)

CRY (Child Right And You) launched the year-long target driven online fundraising campaign 'Mission Education' towards the issues that keep children out of school, like migration, lack of access to schools and girl child discrimination. We enrolled 4,60,000 children in schools and ensured their right to a happy and creative childhood.


Freelancer  |  New Delhi, India

February, 2014 - Present

? Music can change the world ? 'cause it can change people ?
So over the years, a lot of people have asked me to sort of describe my song writing process from beginning to end. How long does it take, where do you write, what are the circumstances, do you start with music, do you start with lyrics, and my answer is always that it happens differently every time, and that's why I'm still so in love with song writing. So what I've done here is shown you different examples of the beginning stages of these songs and how they each started, different ways. So I'll explain them to you and maybe that will help you understand kind of how I put songs together...

Okay so this is kind of this rough idea thing: Uh-uh-uh-oh, oh-oh-oh-i Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-i Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-i-i-i

Na na na na waiting at the back door They're around and the vultures come around And you know that they [?] they won't us Say what they want 'bout, say what they want 'bout us

And you come and sing [?] and I would not think about it but I'm not done Every know that a thing or two about it, thing or two about it, I Cause they got the cages, they got the boxes And guns They are the hunters we are the foxes And we run

Baby, I know places we won't be found And they'll be chasing their tails trying to track us down Cause I, I know places we can hide I know places, I know places Uh-uh-uh-i, uh-uh-uh-i, oh-oh-i, uh-uh-uh-i, no places

Or whatever I don't know, but that's basically just like a dark, really dark, lyric like bridge thing and it's about like everyone is trying to get into and ruin a love or whatever and it's like you just, whatever, you know, and the chorus would just go to that major and just be like ooh chorus. So, I hope you like it!


Senior Data Analyst

Maxfort School  |  India

March, 2011 - March, 2014 (3 Years )

The Senior Data Analyst’s role is critical in strengthening the campaigns of network organizations and testing new tools that can move the entire progressive field forward. If you thrive on empowering incredible organizers to create real political and social change in the world.

Knowledge & Experience:
Extensive knowledge and experience to operate a variety of office equipment including a computer and specialized software including mapping software packages, desktop publishing, charts and graphics, word processing, spreadsheets & presentations.

Perform on-line computer research to maintain knowledge of national, regional and local educational data sources; maintain an awareness of the major professional educational journals which routinely publish research findings.

To assist in the maintenance of the central pupil database (CPD) which will facilitate the production of reports covering the whole range of data that is collected from schools, and to ensure that the database is updated regularly. To disseminate information and reports on the CPD for both the Head of the Education and Schools Data Team and other sections and directorates, as required.

Participate in team meetings and other meetings, including external, as required by the Head of the Education and Schools Data Team.

Skills & Abilities:
Team player and rapid learner with the aptitude to work in a fast paced surroundings.

Connects easily with others; maintains a cooperative and collaborative demeanor; values the opinions of others; focuses on solving conflict.

Organize and manage a heavy personal workload, including monitoring and assessment of priorities and working to varied deadlines, often with minimal supervision.

Communicate effectively with colleagues in the Children’s Services Department, Head teachers, School Admin. Officers, other heads of service, other Council Officers and a wide range of external agencies and individuals on aspects of the Planning and Performance Unit function.

Data Analyst Accountability & Research Division

St. Cecilia School  |  India

December, 2010 - March, 2011 (3 Months)

The Accountability Data Analyst assists with the data analysis, analytics and recommendations for all information that impacts school grade performance for FLVS FT. Under general supervision, provides technical support to the Accountability and Research Division in the areas of data management and statistical analysis. Data Analyst is responsible for assisting with data collection from all kinds of resources, statistical analysis, and reporting; responding to data requests and questions from the central office staff and school staff; and assisting the division on the all kinds of projects. Work also involves using a variety of software packages, and assisting colleagues in the division to learn to use these programs for specific projects. They must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and must ensure that data reports are accurate and conform to all ethical guidelines.

Skills & Abilities:
To Assists the Accountability and Research Division in the development of survey instruments & Designing various data collection projects and activities.

Determines overall quality of data and troubleshoot and corrects problems with data (e.g., inaccurate or missing data).

Collect and record data from internal and external sources (St. Cecilia’s Schools Staff, education websites, partner schools and districts, etc).

Prepares charts and graphs to illustrate data trends & PowerPoint presentations as needed. Fulfills data requests and answers questions for schools and other appropriate audiences.

Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens and gets clarification; responds well to questions; demonstrates group presentation skills; participates in meetings.

Prepare statistical and narrative reports on the information collected from schools for both the Head of the Education & Schools Data Team and other sections and directorates, as required. Perform other related work as required by the Chief Accountability & Research Officer.

Senior Data Analyst

Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  |  New Delhi, India

November, 2010 - March, 2014 (3 Years 4 Months)

The Senior Data Analyst's role is very responsible for reporting and providing insight using web analytic's methods and other data mining techniques. Data Analyst will support the new business, search and account teams providing accurate, timely and relevant data analysis to meet their diverse requirements. They will also work closely with internal teams to generate ongoing reports that can identify user behavior patterns.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Daily Operations
Perform data entry, either manually or using scanning technology, when needed or required.

Monitor for timely and accurate completion of select data elements (for example, verbal physician orders).

Identify problematic areas and conduct research to determine the best course of action to correct the data.

In collaboration with others, develop and maintain databases and data systems necessary for projects and department functions.

Collects data form all kinds of resources including related web sites, obtains needed data from existing data files and creates/prepares appropriate spreadsheets and databases.

Analyze reports of data duplicates or other errors to provide ongoing appropriate interdepartmental communication and monthly or daily data reports (for example, related to the EMPI).

Data Reporting
Generate routine & ad-hoc reports.

Create and present quality dashboards.

Perform basic statistical analyses for projects & reports.

Develop graphs, reports & presentations of project results.

Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint.

Work effectively within team, proactively identifying & resolving problems.

Experience using SAS, SPSS, or other statistical package is desirable for analyzing large data-sets.

Technical expertise regarding data models and database design development. Understanding of XML & SQL.

Good in written, verbal and interpersonal communications skills & the ability to interact comfortably, both internally to the company and externally.

IT Data Analyst Management Training Program

Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  |  New Delhi, India

July, 2010 - October, 2014 (4 Years 3 Months)

Participated in intensive IT Data Analyst Management Training Program at prolific company, gaining exposure to all aspects of IT: Audit, Social Networking, Help Desk Support, Online Research, Software Documentation, Information Security Management, Wireless Networking, Time Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, etc.

Data Analyst

Alliance Softech Pvt Ltd  |  India

July, 2009 - June, 2010 (11 Months)

The Data Analyst is responsible for providing up-to-date, accurate and relevant data analysis for the organisation he/she works for. The ideal person for this role must be able to work well under pressure and respond quickly to requests for data. Team skills and communication skills are essential and it is important to be able to cooperate with different departments.
Data Analysts usually perform many of the following tasks:.
• Analysing market trends.
• Creating graphs for presentations.
• Checking quality control standards.
• Collecting data from different sources.
• Forecasting demand for goods and services.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Wholesome review, Interpret, analysis of collected data using different tools, statistical techniques such as PMLT, MS Excel and data management systems to provide accurate & reliable reports to the company.

Acquires data from internal data sources and external data sources; build a system to maintain databases/data systems.

Develop a healthy data collection systems & sound strategies for getting quality data from different sources to use it to right place efficiently.

Assists in database administration, design, security also timely maintenance of data base as well.
Preparing presentations, conducting research and maintaining quality of database systems.

Preparing various statistical reports on operational performance on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Preparing drafts and develops standards for different reports on data management systems.

Interact individually with company’s clients to identify their information and research needs.

Assists and provides counselling and advice to the clients in determination of suitable analytical methodology to their business & achieving business objectives.

Monitors, train and giving direction on the work of lower-level staff. Perform other related duties as assigned by different departments of the company.


Sales Executive

Pantaloon Retail India Ltd  |  New Delhi, India

August, 2008 - February, 2009 (6 Months)

Sales executives play a major part in a company’s success by selling its goods and services to manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses and retail outlets. Products range from IT supplies to fast-moving consumer goods, such as groceries, stationery, Clothes etc. There are two types of sales executives those who perform business-to-business sales (B2B) or those who do business to consumer sales (B2C). Both types of selling require research and relationship-building skills, promoting the product in question in as professional and effective a way as possible. Executives must be conversant and very knowledgeable about the product or service they represent. They must be able to answer any questions the customer might ask, be persistent in closing the deal and negotiate different terms.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; bench marking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.

Display efficiency in gathering market and customer info to enable negotiations regarding variations in prices, delivery and customer specifications to their managers.

Identifies product improvements or new products by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors.

Sells products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects; recommending solutions.

Maintain and develop good relationship with customers through personal contact or meetings or via telephone etc.

Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation & procedures.

Help management in forthcoming products and discuss on special promotions.

Record sales and order information and report the same to the sales department.

Provide accurate feedback on future buying trends to their respective employers.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

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Cost Management Accountant (CMA)- Cost Accounting & Financial M

Institute of Cost Accountants of India-India


2014 - 2017 (3 year)


Master of Business Administration (MBA)-Financial Management

Sikkim Manipal University-India


2014 - 2016 (2 year)


Certificate in Information System for Auditing-Cost Accounting & Financial Ma

Institute of Cost Accountants of India-India


2014 - 2014


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)-Business Mathematics & Statist

Delhi University-India


2010 - 2013 (3 year)


Sr. Secondary School Certifcate in Business Commer-Finance & Accounting



2007 - 2010 (3 year)


Certificate Program in Information Technology for --

CAP Foundation-India


2008 - 2008


Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DTP)- CorelDraw, Animation, Adobe P



2006 - 2007 (1 year)


Secondary School Certificate in Geography-Mathematics & Computer Science

Antonio De Souza High School-India


1994 - 2006 (12 year)

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